Whoops: Sonic Mania’s Plus update got released early, now pulled

by Daniel VuckovicApril 19, 2018

Sonic Mania is getting a huge update soon and a retail release with it included. It’s not out yet, but for a couple of hours a version of it was available on the PlayStation network and people were able to download it. While it didn’t have the new content there was a number of additions and improvements to the game that people have noticed, some big – some not.

Here’s a list of changes people spotted, compiled from this Reddit thread. Keep in mind, some of this might be considered spoilers.

  • All zones that lacked transitions now have them
  • You can skip all cutscenes
  • Skipping cutscenes between acts makes you lose your shield oddly
  • Menus got a total overhaul
  • You can now change the options on Save Files. Meaning you can use Insta-Shield, Super Peel out and & Knuckles mode in save file.
  • The time limit can be disabled through this option
  • Multiplayer added a non-stretched mode
  • There are new DLC options in the menu
  • Metal Sonic boss fight got changed in multiple ways
  • Phase 2 was changed to be reduced to 3 hits & for Silver Sonic to shoot bullets out to hit Metal when killed
  • The run afterwards is shortened a shitload to reduce time
  • Metal Sonic boss third phase got totally redone with a fight with Metal Sonic Kai from Knuckles Chaotix
  • New graphics & sound effects were added as well
  • Hydrocity Zone Act.2’s transition to the second phase of it’s boss got touched up on (there’s a tube graphic & you get pushed out of water now)
  • Super Sonic got new animations including a brand new idle animation
  • The ice blocks in Press Garden Act.2 got a graphical change
  • The unused animations of characters looking back & forth in ice blocks got added
  • Tails Chemical Plant Act.1 intro cutscene got added (it’s a new animation, not the known unused one)
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