Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is coming to 3DS in November

by Oliver BrandtAugust 9, 2017

I don’t think there’ll be any objections to the news that Capcom announced today — Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is finally coming to the Nintendo 3DS eShop in November. Originally released for the Nintendo DS in 2007, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney follows the journey of the titular rookie defence attorney as he takes on all the trials and tribulations of the courtroom for the first time to bring a turnabout to the justice system.

The 3DS version features both English and Japanese language options, as well as improved visuals and a few quality of life options such as text skipping from the start of the game. With the release of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney on the 3DS, for the first time ever all six mainline Ace Attorney games will be playable on one console, from the Phoenix Wright Trilogy all the way up to Spirit of Justice. It’s enough Ace Attorney to last a life sentence.

You can read the full press release below, or scroll to the bottom of the page to see some sweet as heck screenshots for the remastered game.


Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is coming to Nintendo 3DS complete with upgraded visuals. Originally released on Nintendo DS in 2008, this entry’s debut on Nintendo 3DS means that all six of the mainline Ace Attorney titles can be experienced on the platform. This fourth game in the series covers the adventures of Apollo Justice as a rookie defense attorney.

Forensic investigation techniques play a vital part in analyzing the evidence to help solve some of the game’s mysteries. Utilizing the features of the Nintendo 3DS, players can dust some crime scenes to search for fingerprints and also examine certain objects in a full 360 degrees to uncover hidden evidence. This Nintendo 3DS release also includes text skip options and the Japanese version of the game, allowing players to switch between the Japanese and English editions.

Court will be in session this November when Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney will be available to download on the Nintendo eShop.


  • Upgraded visuals and features – Enjoy the game’s improved new look on Nintendo 3DS and use the system’s features to dust some crime scenes to search for fingerprints and examine certain objects in a full 360 degrees to uncover hidden evidence.
  • Colorful cast of characters – Stars budding defense attorney Apollo Justice, and top prosecutor Klavier Gavin who is also a former guitarist and Apollo’s rockstar rival.
  • Text skip options – Returning players have options to speed through in-game dialogue.
  • Includes two versions – Switch between the Japanese and English editions for an “Igiyari!” or “Objection!” More than just an alternative language option, keen eyes will be able to spot some differences between each version’s localized backgrounds.
  • Classic Ace Attorney Gameplay – Survey crime scenes, interview witnesses and gather evidence in the Investigation phase before defending your client in the courtroom!
  • Twisting plots and puzzling cases – Upon completing the first case, Apollo is asked to join disbarred attorney Phoenix Wright and work alongside Phoenix’s adopted daughter, Trucy. The pair go on to solve a series of quirky crimes including the theft of a noodle cart and the disappearance of a pair of magic panties!
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