Tag Heuer returns with two Mario Kart watches, one going for $25,000

Ask Santa for one.


Last year watchmaker Tag Heuer released a Super Mario-themed smartwatch, and at around $2800 AUD it was pretty pricey. Now they are back with two new Mario Kart-themed watches. They’re not smartwatches this time around, but instead, good old-fashioned chronograph watches.

There are two models; the simpler Chronograph will set you back $4300* and comes to Mario in his kart on the seconds indicator dial. There’s also an “Item Box” like a calendar window on the face.

The more expensive Tourbillon Chronograph will set you back $25,600* – cheaper than a Hyundai i30. For that coin, you get a titanium 45mm case, a polished ceramic bezel with a Mario Kart logo, a dial featuring Mario, a Bullet Bill and a Blue Shell, and probably the most incredible part is the back. It’s a custom sapphire glass where you can see the watch’s inner workings, and it features Mario, and Luigi in karts and Peach on a bike, and they move with the time. Only 250 will be made.

You can register now to be notified when the cheaper one goes sale, which is October 20th. The more expensive one doesn’t have a release date yet.

*Note: We’re not actually sure what currency this is, as the website doesn’t stipulate. The original story said AUD, but after looking through the website some more they say AU for products already released. Whatever the case, I don’t think anyone reading us is buying a $20,000 watch.

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