Nintendo Download Updates (Week 8) Big Jockey Box

Really big week.


Some eShop weeks, the eShop update is just “Here’s what’s new, here’s what we’ve reviewed and boy avoid all this crap”. Then, some weeks, you have a Nintendo Direct, and even though it was a Partner Direct, we got a lot of goods out of it. We got new games, shadow-drops, demos and even more Nintendo Switch Online games. So there’s a bit to point out this week and something to enjoy (hopefully) for everyone. 

This week’s highlights: Let’s start off with the big two from the Direct. Penny’s Big Breakaway is the best-looking Sonic game since Sonic Mania; it’s funny how that works out. The other is a now former Xbox exclusive in Pentiment. You know that game grown men were crying over coming to the Switch – it’s actually quite good, and now more people can play it. It’s not quite out yet, but it should be “today”. The last drop from the Direct was Game Freak’s Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On! We’ve seen this one before on the 3DS, but now it’s back and enhanced after a spell on Apple Arcade. 

For the stuff already coming this week that’s now piled on, we’ve got Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story, Balatro, qomp2 (review), Inkulinati and Promenade, which just looks lovely. 

Oh and on top of all that, Splatoon 3’s Side Order expansion is out now as well.

The week’s demo highlights: Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On!, Unicorn Overlord, Pepper Grinder, Promenade

New Nintendo Switch Online games: Blast Corps (N64), Snake Rattle N Roll (NES), R.C. Pro-Am (NES), Battletoads in Battlemaniacs (SNES), Killer Instinct (SNES).

502’s Arcade$15.00
A Time Traveller’s Guide To Past Delicacies$7.50
Aery – Stone Age$11.89$16.99
Apex Heroines$34.20
Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story$39.99
Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story™ Deluxe Edition$49.99
Chop Goblins$7.58
Dino Race – Dinosaur Ride Ranch$1.59$19.99
Froggie – A Retro Platformer$6.00$7.50
Geometric Sniper Z$5.99
Geometry Survivor$7.50
Hopping Bunny$1.50
Kings Odyssey$7.50
Kings Odyssey: Dwarves Tale$7.50
Kings Odyssey: Rise of The Necromancer$7.50
Lion Simulator Survival: RPG Animal Battle$19.99
Little Red Riding Hood: Wonder Animals$7.50
LUNARiA -Virtualized Moonchild-$37.50
Make it! Taiyaki$3.09
Metro Simulator 2$19.12$22.50
Penny’s Big Breakaway$48.95
Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On!$23.00
Quick Golf$1.50$4.50
Squirrel Stapler$7.58
Suika Game Bundle: Main Game & Multi-Player Mode$7.80
Tenderfoot Tactics$21.95
The jump guys$19.50
Toy Rider$10.19$16.99
Truck Sim 2024$15.00
Wira & Taksa: Against the Master of Gravity$2.99$25.50
Woodturning 3D$3.75$7.50
Yohane the Parhelion – NUMAZU in the MIRAGE –$43.95
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