Nintendo Download Updates (Week 48) Bat ‘N Build

Batman: Arkham Trilogy, Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince, Gothic II Complete Classic, SteamWorld Build


It’s a new month, and we’ve got some fresh releases to get us started. This week sees the release of the Batman: Arkham Trilogy, but you might want to see some footage of that running first. The next Steamworld game has also arrived, and this time it’s a city-building dungeon crawler. There’s another Dragon Quest game, this being the third instalment in the Monsters series.

Also, suspiciously there’s only one bundle spam game this week and almost no shovelware word spam games this week. Did Nintendo knock em on the head or did they just take the week off? Find out next week.

This week’s highlights: Batman: Arkham Trilogy, Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince, Gothic II Complete Classic, SteamWorld Build

2weistein – The Curse of the Red Dragon 3 – V2$25.00
Animal Farm Parking Extended Edition$1.50$37.99
Arcade Archives SCRAMBLE FORMATION$10.50
Arcadian Atlas$27.89$30.99
Astro Miner$3.00$7.50
Basketball Arcade$3.00
Batman: Arkham Trilogy$89.95
Breakout Birdie Escape$6.00
Breakout Birdie Escape 2$6.00
Breakout Birdie Panic$6.00
Breakout Birdie Panic 2$6.00
Breakout Birdie Puzzle$6.00
Breakout Birdie Puzzle 2$6.00
Cattails: Wildwood Story$26.09$28.99
Dino Get Out!$6.00
DIY Paper Doll$3.75$7.50
DRAGON QUEST MONSTERS: The Dark Prince$84.95
DRAGON QUEST MONSTERS: The Dark Prince Digital Deluxe Edition$121.45
Draw & Color Maze: Paint Labyrinth Puzzle$7.49$14.99
Gothic II Complete Classic$39.95
Hentai Tales Vol. 2$6.00
Last Escape: Dead Complex$5.99
Metro PD: Close to You$43.95
Mom Simulator 2023$2.99$21.99
Motesolo: No Girlfriend Since Birth$25.65$28.50
My Next Life As A Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom ! -Pirates of the Disturbance-$67.50$75.00
Orten Was The Case$21.30
Pixel Cafe$17.55$19.50
Roots of Pacha$36.50
Space Junk Seekers$3.00
SteamWorld Build$44.95
TERAVITFree Download
The Ramsey$26.50
The Traveler’s Path$6.00$7.50
This Means Warp$23.96$29.95
Toasterball + Buissons Bundle$19.90
Turok Trilogy Bundle$80.10$89.00
Uzzuzzu My Pet – Golf Dash$7.50$30.00
Wildshade: Unicorn Champions$60.00

By the way at some point in the year we jumped a week, and there’s now two Week 48 articles. Oops.

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