This week on the Switch eShop in Australia (14/4) Good Friday indeed

Your early look at the week's eShop releases.

Welcome to a new short form version of the Aussie Nintendo Download Update article we would have usually done on Monday. Since Nintendo Europe doesn’t give a press release out until after the eShop update is updated at about 1-am on a Friday morning – we’re not gonna do that anymore. We’re old we need sleep.

So we’ll be bringing you the full download update on Friday morning first thing, but we know that’s not entirely awesome. Luckily for us so far developers on the Switch and the Switch eShop itself is a lot more open about release dates. So every Monday night we’ll bringing you a quick update of what’s coming on the Switch, then we’ll do the full article later in the week with the Wii U and 3DS and sales. Cool?

Here is what’s out on the eShop this week, it’s pretty huge.

Nintendo Switch eShop

 LEGO City Undercover (Warner Bros, 12/4) – $89.95
 The Jackbox Party Pack 3 (Jackbox Games, 13/4) – $32.37
 Mr. Shifty (tinyBuild Games, 14/4) – $19.50 
 NeoGeo Samurai Showdown IV (HAMSTER, 13/4) $9.10

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