This week in Nintendo NX Rumours – Week 04 2016

We try to avoid posting rumours as much as possible on Vooks, it’s part of our news policy and has been for years. You all seem to love it.

However, we’re reaching a critical stage with the Nintendo NX (whatever it ends up being) where rumours, speculation and leaks are at a fever pitch. So instead of ignoring it, we’re going to wrap them all up in a bow for the end of the week.

We’re talking rumours no matter how stupid or legitimate, speculation from analysts, supply chain leaks – your uncle from Nintendo. All of it, put into one article and we’re going add our 2c.

The next six or twelve months (or longer) could be very painful for everyone if we’re going report on every little single thing – especially before Nintendo even confirms anything. So this is finding a balance.

Rumour 1: Super Smash Bros Planned as a NX launch title, Namco Bandai working on several games

The freshest rumour of the batch this week comes from Dr. Serkan Toto. He’s the CEO of a Tokyo-based consultancy company called Kantan Games. The good Doctor has been a source in the past for other rumours, and he’s saying his sources believe Super Smash Bros. will be released in time for the launch of the NX. As a bonus Bandai Namco are also working on several NX projects.

Dr. Toto isn’t exactly sure what kind Super Smash Bros. game we’d be looking at, it could be a port, a new number entry or anything else.

Verdict – Completely possibly, we suspect the Super Smash Bros. game could be just a ‘Complete Edition’ for NX and this allows all the hard work that went into the DLC not to go to waste. It also means it’s portable and/or a home console game on par, if that’s what you believe the NX is.

As for the other Bandai Namco games, no reason not to beleive that team will be working closely with Nintendo again – Tokken Tournement is finished, what’s next?

Rumour 2 – US Retailer Gamestop Survey suggests we’ll see the NX in 2016

US Retailer Gamestop (our EB Games) has put a survey to its members asking for their thoughts on what they be buying in the next twelve months. One question is about the NX and just a ‘Nintendo console’.


Because of this, there’s speculation that GameStop know there’s a new console this year and that we might see the NX sooner than we think.

Verdict – Sure the NX might release in 2016, but it won’t be because of this survey, GameStop might have an idea if its out this year – but there’s no way they know for sure.

Rumour 3 – Chip manufacturer Macronix is supplying memory for NX

Taiwanese memory manufacturer Macronix has revealed in a financial conference call that it will be providing memory for use in the Nintendo NX and they say the console will be out this year.

Macronix supply ROM and Flash type memory for Nintendo already on both the Wii U and 3DS, including the game cards for the 3DS as well.

Prestigious Japanese videogame console maker Nintendo will launch a new console called NX this year. General Manager of Macronix, CY Lu, said Macronix will provide products for NX and that Macronix has considerable expectations to NX.

In the afternoon, Macronix had held an online conference for investors. As Nintendo is going to launch new console NX this year, investors concern about if Macronix, which have a long-term cooperative relationship with Nintendo, is still part of NX’s supply chain.

CY Lu said Macronix will supply memory slots for NX, and that the company has considerable expectation to NX.

Even though CY Lu declined to comment whether the supplied products are ROM, he said he expects ROM sales this year will be exceptional.

Translation via NeoGAF

Exactly what they’re selling Nintendo for the NX wasn’t said, but they did say it would be a lot.

Verdict – This one is only half a rumour, a company like Macronix probably shouldn’t have announced anything to do with the NX but still did anyway. As Macronix is the suppplier already for the 3DS and Wii U there’s no reason not to believe this. As for it being released in 2016? Well we’re hearing that more and more.

Rumour 4 – The Wall Street Journal sources say portable NX in 2016

The Wall Street Journal has published an article claiming that its sources say that Nintendo will be launching in 2016. The article, which is pay-walled, says analysts at U.S. research firm IHS Inc. say they expect an uptick in the sales of flat panel displays in part thanks to the release of a new Nintendo portable console this year.

The rest of the article is locked behind a paywall but the most explosive revelations come from the opening (and view-able) paragraphs.

Verdict – Up until now the narrative has been that the NX is a home console, now they’re all saying it’s a portable. The news about the screens doesn’t confirm this as the Wii U has a LCD screen in the GamePad.

Until next week (assuming you like it) keep on dreaming!

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  • Leiigh
    January 29, 2016 at 3:30 pm

    I KNEW this was coming, in some fashion. I think you’re striking a happy medium by collating the “fun” speculation alongside what is pure scuttlebutt or mistranslations. Good stuff.

    “NX” is now the albatross around Nintendo’s neck, because of self-appointed gumshoes like those of GAF/etc.

    If it came out tomorrow, and it was a PS4/Vita like arrangement in terms of shape, size, specs, usage, etc and it played everything some people dream of seeing (ie the “We Want GTA on Nintendo consoles” crowd) and more, we’d still see less buzz for it than this period right now of unfounded tidbits.

    The grist from the rumour mill allows any idiot with a dorky username to share their two bob’s worth and have some kind of stake in what Nintendo’s next moves will be.

    Oh no.

  • January 29, 2016 at 3:44 pm

    Great first issue, rumors off course are always funny, no matter if they turn out to be true, the ones from this old Destructoid article (http://www.destructoid.com/rumor-explosion-hd-wii-2-stream-project-cafe-199298.phtml) prove that:

    Square Enix, Capcom, Sega, Konami, Activision, Rockstar/Take Two, Electronic Arts, Namco and Ubisoft have development kits, and all have at least one game in the works.
    Nintendo may not launch with any first party games, as it plans to really support third parties this time.
    It won’t have “Wii” in its name.
    Third party support extends to hardware, with a better storage solution being developed.
    Better download service.
    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword may launch at the same time as Project Cafe. This could lead to another Twilight Princess situation.
    Hideo Kojima has been mentioned in conjunction with the system.
    Retro is working on a title that “everybody wants.” It’s been suggested that it could be Eternal Darkness 2.
    A Resident Evil game is in the works (when isn’t one in the works?)
    A StarFox title is being worked on.
    Grand Theft Auto V will be a Project Cafe title in addition to everything else.

  • Oliver Winfree
    January 29, 2016 at 4:56 pm

    Nice work Vooks, I don’t like rumour filled stories too but I do appreciate your comments on them so keep them coming…whatever it is, consider me a day one buyer!

  • January 31, 2016 at 6:37 am

    Nintendo’s future as a hardware developer is depending on how the NX is received. It can’t afford another flop.

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