Update: Waluigi protest at Nintendo booth rocks day 2 of PAXAUS


Update 1/11: Following some outlets and readers misinterpreting the satirical nature of this article Рand, by extension, the overwhelmingly positive and funny public demonstration at PAX Australia Рthe Kakariko Krew has responded to Vooks, thanking everyone for their support of the protest.

“As Waluigi fans, we were thrilled to receive an outpouring of support from the community, along with a good laugh at the satire of our costumes, with attendees and even PAX staff sporting our badges by the end of the day,” a representative from the Kakariko Krew said.

“We only hope that we have inspired others to love everyone’s favourite purple-clad anti-hero as much as we do, and maybe one day our dreams of having him playable in the new¬†Smash Bros game will come true!”

The group cosplay was arranged two weeks’ prior to PAX Australia, where the Kakariko Krew aimed to have a “silly, interactive group costume which would allow us to have fun with other attendees while we enjoyed the event.”

One thing is certain among those in attendance on day two: fun and silliness were found in abundance by attendees and staff alike thanks to an ingenious and timely group cosplay.

Remember to tune into the big Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct late tonight and hope our mischievous purple friend gets the nod.

Viva la #Wahtaboutme.

The original article continues below.


An otherwise peaceful day two of PAX Australia was marred by controversy¬†as a large group of protestors demonstrated at the Nintendo booth, incensed at Waluigi’s omission from¬†Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Dressed in garish Waluigi garb, the group – known as the Kakariko Krew – paraded around the Nintendo booth shortly after midday during a¬†Super¬†Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament. The anarchic group held aloft banners emblazoned with provocative slogans such as “lemme smash”, and “#Wahtaboutme”.

A chorus of “Wah!” shouts ringed around the PAX exhibition hall

Attendees and Nintendo staffers were visibly affected by the dramatic events unfolding before their eyes, as the PAX Enforcers worked to keep the demonstration peaceful. The Kakariko Krew members were also seen handing out their manifestos – a monumental wave of propaganda of this magnitude previously unseen at PAX Australia.

The manifestos detailed the group’s pleas for the purple-clad Waluigi to be permitted entry into the¬†Super Smash Bros. Ultimate arena. Particularly taking issue with series creator Masahiro Sakurai’s actions, or rather inactions. Claiming Nintendo have an active agenda against Waluigi, the Kakariko Krew were bold in their messaging.

“It is now abundantly clear that Nintendo is not simply ambivalent towards Waluigi, but actively malicious.”

Members of the Kakariko Krew protesting in front of the conspicuously Waluigi-less Smash wall

Vooks has reached out to the Kakariko Krew for comment, while Nintendo and Sakurai-San have not yet publicly commented on the protest.

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