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As the curtain falls on the Nintendo Gamecube and the Wii emerges from the shadows, we took the time to look back at the titles that made us laugh, made us cry, made us scream and made us simply have an enjoyable time. We gave you, the community a chance to present what you thought were the best games on the Gamecube – and now in all its collective glory is the Ultimate Vooks Top Ten Games for the Nintendo Gamecube.
A few weeks ago we asked you to give us your Top 10 Gamecube games and now we have compiled the results. It is hardly surprising to find that a slew of Nintendo games comprise the list, as Third Party support for the Gamecube was quite a disappointment later on in its life. To get the list rolling we start with a little space man and a mysterious planet that is home to the Pikmin.

10. Pikmin

Pikmin was a brand new franchise that soon became a Nintendo Fan favourite. After crash landing on a planet, Captain Olimer sets out to retrieve the scattered pieces of his vessel in thirty days. On his adventure he meets strange little creatures that live in the ground. Though they are plentiful in numbers they are not safe from the nasty predators on there home so its up to Olimer to rally the Pikmin together to pass obstacles and defeat enemies. Pikmin was so well received that a sequel was made spawning the beginning of a new Nintendo franchise.

Total Score: 21

9. Tales of Symphonia

Tales of Symphonia is a game you will either love or hate. It is an RPG that gives you more control over the action as the battles take place in real time and not the turn based system that we see in Final Fantasy. Tales of Symphonia was developed by Namco and follows the adventures of Lloyd Irving and his friend Genis as they uncover the mysteries of the world. Though a little clich Tales of Symphonia was a lasting adventure, the story alone taking over 40 hours to complete with a large assortment of side quests to follow. Unfortunately despite Symphonia selling more copies on the Cube than any other console there has not been another Tales title since.

Total Score: 31

8. Soul Calibur 2

Soul Calibur 2 is the sequel to the popular Soul Calibur that debuted on the Dreamcast, Segas last attempt at breaking back into the gaming market. Soul Calibur 2 introduced new levels and new characters as well as the addition of Nintendos very own Link. The game was praised for its stunning graphics and even longer replay value. Again, despite this title selling more on the Gamecube than the other consoles the sequel did not see the light of day on the blue box.

Total Score: 43

7. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes continues the adventures of Samus Aran, the much-loved Bounty Hunter that is constantly put up against the Space Pirates and the parasitical Metroids. In this continuation of the previous Metroid Prime game, Samus travels to planet Aether where she has picked up a distress signal from Galactic Federation Troopers. Here she is pitted against enemies new and old including the fearsome Ing and the mysterious Dark Samus. Developers Retro Studios opted to add a different flavour and included a multiplayer mode for up to 4 players. While it wasnt that well received amongst Metroid enthusiasts, the mode was still a nice addition to one of the most beautiful games on the Nintendo Gamecube.

Total Score: 46

6. Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Sunshine was originally slated as the sequel to Super Mario 64. Instead Nintendo opted to take a different path and create a brand new experience, using the power of the Gamecube to its fullest extent. Wooing gamers with its colourful graphic style set on a tropic beach resort, our resident plumber Mario is framed by a shadowy character of being responsible for covering the town in this brown goop. Instructed with a task to clean up his mess Mario sets out with FLUDD, a water dispensing super backpack. Putting aside a forgetful final battle, Super Mario Sunshine was an excellent addition to the long running series.

Total Score: 56

5. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, its Mario. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door rode the highroad of success following its 64-counter part, which became one of the best titles of that generation. In The Thousand Year Door, Mario is once again given the task to retrieve a bunch of stars via comical means, with the aid of a few colourful characters. This time Mario could fold into a boat, a plane and slip through tight crevasses. This is a game that did everything right and gave gamers an experience they would remember for a long time.

Total Score: 57

4. Resident Evil 4

This title from Capcom pushed the Gamecube’s graphical power to its very limits and gave the Xbox a run for its money. Resident Evil 4 still manages to outdo next generation titles, almost two years since its release. You play as Leon Kennedy and have been ordered to retrieve the Presidents daughter. Upon entering the village in which the president’s daughter is being held captive, you begin to notice that things are not exactly as they should be and eventually youll be pitted against Trolls, Chainsaw wielding maniacs and horrors you cannot begin to fathom. Resident Evil 4 removed itself from the previous titles, leaving behind Umbrella and the events that transpired at the mansion. This was a much-welcomed change and proved to be the winning formula to kick-start the series once more.

Total Score: 62

3. Metroid Prime

There was no greater task this generation than bringing one of the most loved franchises over to the Gamecube, in full 3D glory. Many fans were unsure that Metroid would be able to make the transition from Side Scrolling to First Person, but our hats come off to Retro that proved nothing is impossible. Metroid Prime leapt bounds over everyones expectations and delivered an experience worthy of remembrance. Boosting the best graphics and original gameplay seen in some time, Metroid Prime re-invented a series we all loved while hanging onto the core of what made it such a perfect franchise. The levels were breathtaking and the bosses epic. The only disappointment was that the game eventually came to an end.

Total Score: 64

2. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Despite being one of the most critically hated Zelda titles for its cel-shaded graphic style, there is no denying the sheer marvel that this game delivers. The Wind Waker is set hundreds of years after the events that transpired in Ocarina of Time and pits our new hero against familiar enemies, one that just doesnt know when enough is enough. Hyrule has been consumed by the waters and now a desolate ocean covers the world with dozens of small islands scattered across the seas. With the aid of the King of Red Lions, Link must traverse across ocean and land in his quest to stop the evil and bring peace to the world once again. While some had argued that this game is too easy and the final Triforce hunt is unfairly tedious, there is no denying that The Wind Waker is a beautiful title.

Total Score: 94

Finally we come to the victor, the winner of all winners and the true lord of the Gamecube. You probably already guessed what it was before reading this article. Im not surprised. As one of the most critically acclaimed games even after five years since its release this game deserves its praise. So without any further ado, the Top Gamecube game voted by you is

1. Super Smash Brothers Melee

Thats right; Super Smash Brothers Melee has been voted the best of the best. I dont even feel the need to explain why. By now everyone should have played this game and still be playing it to this very day. If you’re one of those unlucky few (and I stress few), then do yourself a favour and scoop up this game. Melee pits over twenty Nintendo characters against each other in over a dozen original levels. With an enhanced Single Player mode, beefier Multiplayer and some nifty little extras to add to the lot, Melee is the most complete package available on the Nintendo Gamecube and deserves the number one spot without any argument. With Brawl promising to further expand on this winning formula, the future can only be brighter for Nintendo fans.

Total Score: 102

So that concludes the Vooks Top 10 Gamecube games. While there are some titles which have yet to be released and would more than likely appear on this list somewhere (Twilight Princess for example). For the most part, the glory years of the Gamecube have passed. While there were no surprises to the titles that made it on the list, it’s nice to see that at least three third party titles made the cut and if luck prevails, there will be many more to come on the Wii.

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