Vooks GOTY Awards for 2011 – The results are in

Did your favourite win? Well if you voted it might have!.

The results are in, they’re all counted and your and our votes have been collected and the Vooks GOTY has been chosen, though you probably knew who won already – it wasn’t hard to guess. We’ve had an outstanding response this year with more than 170 votes in each category, seriously we used to get less than 10 in some, it’s made for an interesting battle seeing all the votes come in. In the spirit of that not only have we crowned the winner but also I’ve given out the stats for two runners up, it was a close race in some categories. Well if you’re still reading this and haven’t scrolled down, it’s time to scroll down.

(Note the percentages won’t add up to 100%, this is just the top 3 votes)






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Vooks Overall Game of the Year

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword 45.21%
Super Mario 3D Land 16.49%
Xenoblade Chronicles 9.57%

It was clear that Skyward Sword was going to win this year, as the votes where rolling in it just pulled further and further away. Skyward Sword is the ultimate way for the Wii to get a send off, sure there will be other games coming for the Wii this year but none of them will be as good as Skyward Sword.

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Best Wii Game for 2011

Skyward Sword 75.94%
Xenoblade: Chronicles 12.83%
Rayman Origins 2.14%

A clean sweep again for Zelda, Xenoblade put in a good word and Rayman the game everyone loves but no one bought was like the little fat kid in sports carnival. I should know, I was that kid. Poor poor Rayman.

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Best Nintendo 3DS game for 2011

Super Mario 3D Land 39.79%
Mario Kart 7 25.13%
Ocarina of Time 21.47%

The voting on this one was interesting, straight off the mark Mario Kart 7 was winning this one and then all of a sudden Super Mario 3D Land pulled ahead. Really though all three of these games are the best the 3DS has to offer and may be for some time. Super Mario 3D Land is just that much more polished and shows the true potential of the system’s 3D abilities.

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Best DS game for 2011

Pokemon Black and White 45%
Ghost Trick 19.38%
Kirby Mass Attack 11.88%

While the DS may be on the way out, the quality software for the system in 2011 wasn’t. Pokemon Black and White took the Pokemon formula and shook it up the most it’s been shaken in years. We’re still spinning, it’s quite an awesome game and with the base of Black and White we can’t wait to see what Nintendo achieve next with the series. Ghost Trick is also one we have to talk about, because it didn’t get much love at retail, but we gave it a 10/10. Read our reviews on both games to find out why they get the nods this year.

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Best eShop game for 2011

Pullblox 39.86%
Nintendo Letter Box 19.59%
3D Classics: Kirby’s Adventure 14.19%

The eShop started off really slow and it wasn’t until the latter part of 2011 that some good stuff started coming out on it, Pullblox is that good stuff, so good in fact that it’s the eShop’s killer app. If you haven’t picked it up yet, take a look at our review and then boot up that 3DS and download it, you won’t regret it. Unless you don’t like fun or something. Nintendo Letter Box also warrants mention because it’s become a hit in its own right. It may only be messaging software but it leverages the system’s 3D, audio and touch screens to make sending genitals to your friends in a third dimension an art form. At least that’s what people are sending me.

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Best WiiWare Game for 2011

Hydroventure 19.23%
MotoHeroz 16.35%

Despite getting ignored by every man and his dog, the WiiWare service has some awesome games on it and it shows when the voting was particular close on all the titles this year. BIT.TRIP FKUX however though has come out on top and the conclusion to the Saga couldn’t have been better.

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Best DSiWare Game for 2001

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition 91.3%
Mighty Milky Way 2.9%
Castle Conqueror – Heroes 2.17%

A free multiplayer Zelda title, you don’t need me to go on and one about that. You voted for it after all.

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Best use of 3D in a 3DS Game

Super Mario 3D Land 77.11%

Super Mario 3D Land garnered this award with little or no competition. It only got 77.11% of the vote but every other game voted for only had less than a handful of votes for it. Thus we’re not going to list 10 titles!

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Best Non-Nintendo Game of the Year

Portal 2 20.63%
Elder Scrolls V: Skryim 19.38%
Batman: Arkham City 18.13%

Again with the closeness! While Skyrim dominated your Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and RSS feeds for the latter part of the year it was Portal 2 which hung in your memory from earlier on in the year to be the best game this year that isn’t on a Nintendo console. We all kind of wish it was though.

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Best Soundtrack of 2011

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword 59.3%
Xenoblade Chronicles 16.28%
Super Mario 3D Land 10.47%

This is one I thought would be a clean sweep, however instead people remember that while the Skyward Sword soundtrack was awesome (and made me cry like a baby at points) there were other games last year that caused an equal amount of man tears to be shed.

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Most Anticipated (Nintendo) Game for 2012

Paper Mario 22.35%
Kid Icarus Uprising 18.44%
Luigi’s Mansion 2 15.64%

We know absolutely nothing about it, but it’s Mario, it’s in Paper form and it’s an RPG. That’s enough for Paper Mario on the 3DS to get the gong.

Thanks to all our staff and readers for voting this year.

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