Vooks Game of the Year Awards – Winners Announced

It’s a new year, but before we get deep into the fun that will be 2014, it’s time to crown the best of the year gone by.

We asked for your opinion, you voted – as did the Vooks team and the awards for the best games of 2013 have been decided.

Some awards we agreed one, others the difference of just a few votes. It’s been a great year for the 3DS and the Wii U stormed home in the last half the year.

So enough words, take a look at what won the Vooks Game of the Year for 2013.

Who are we kidding, you can already see it.


Overall Game of the Year – Super Mario 3D World

There wasn’t even another game that came close, Super Mario 3D World is our game of the year and deservedly so. Here’s what we had to say about the game in our review where we gave it top marks.

[quote][We] haven’t enjoyed a Mario game this much since Super Mario Galaxy 2 and that’s one of my favourite games of all time. Super Mario 3D World is a game you’ll play with a cheery grin the entire time, the fresh changes and abundance of ideas it brings to the series is amazing.[/quote]



Nintendo 3DS Game of the Year + Readers Choice 3DS Game of the Year

The readers and Vooks team where split on this, we loved Pokemon – you loved Zelda but never at the expense of each other. Apart from the The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, every other Nintendo 3DS game voted by yourselves was within a handful of votes. It speaks a ton for the quality of games for the Nintendo 3DS in 2013.

Here’s what we said about Pokemon X and Y in our review

[quote]Pokemon X and Y is just such an enjoyable package that it’s incredibly hard to fault them for such superficial things. A must own for every 3DS owner, no questions asked. Pokemon is back and better than ever.[/quote]

Here’s what we said about A Link Between Worlds in our review

[quote]A Link Between Worlds is a true return to form for a Zelda game. It shakes up the formula (this time, properly) enough to create a new experience that hasn’t really been since before (or at least, since the franchise’s debut twenty years ago).[/quote]


Vooks Wii U Game of the Year + Readers Choice Wii U Game of the Year

While the Wii U had a slow start to the year, the last part of the year was flooded with great titles. Pikmin 3 (11%, 23 Votes), Wind Waker HD (18%, 37 Votes), The Wonderful 101 (8%, 16 Votes) all got their fair showing but it was Super Mario 3D World at 42% of the staff vote and 48% of the readers vote that took out the best Wii U game. It really is that good.



Nintendo 3DS eShop Game of the Year + Readers Choice 3DS Game of the Year

It was a real two-horse race on the 3DS eShop, but Steamworld Dig and Phoenix Wright made up the top two choices for both the staff vote and the reader’s vote. We were split though, the staff picked Image&Form’s title and you the reader went for Phoenix Wright’s latest and most brilliant outing.

Here’s what we said about Steamworld Dig in our review

[quote]It’s hard to find significant fault with SteamWorld Dig. While many of its individual gameplay elements may feel borrowed from other successful genres or titles, they combine to make a game that feels both refreshing and satisfyingly familiar. Dig succeeds in using each of these gameplay elements so well, that they complement each other, forming an experience greater than the sum of its parts. If you’re after an engaging platformer, puzzler, or dungeon-crawler that won’t outstay it’s welcome, you really should give SteamWorld Dig a try.[/quote]

Here’s what we said about Phoenix Wright in our review

[quote]Dual Destinies is, in short, a fantastic Ace Attorney experience that just falls short of being as great as the best games in the franchise thus far. Given the price, it’s easy to recommend as its good value for money and the finale alone is worth experiencing at least once.[/quote]


Wii U eShop Game of the Year + Readers Choice Wii U Game of the Year

Once again both the Vooks team and you the readership picked the same game for Wii U eShop game of the year. The often challenging and faithful remake of Ducktales by Wayforward took out in a sea of great indie games. Wii Sports Club was only 5 votes behind though, never ever underestimate Wii Sports.

Here’s what we thought of Ducktales Remastered in our review.

[quote]If you’re a DuckTales aficionado and love everything about the series, or even just the game – this is an absolute must buy. If you’re not, but enjoy challenging, aesthetically pleasing platformers that don’t overstay their welcomes there’s a good chance you’ll still enjoy DuckTales: Remastered. Just make sure you visit Scrooge’s vault at least once for instant nostalgia.[/quote]



It’s not all Nintendo around here, we do play other games – as do you. So when we weren’t belting through Mario, Zelda or Pokemon our attention was on these two above games. The Vooks team picked Grand Theft Auto 5 and you the reader love Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us. Both terrific games!


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