Vookcast Episode 64 – Nintendo 64 Memories, Project Zero 2, Theatrhythm and Hunger

So it’s Episode 64 and do you think we could be any more clich√© ?

This episode join Daniel, Hope, James and Vook as we look back on the Nintendo 64, the late 90’s system of wonder and fun.

We talk about our best moments with the system, our favorite games, the worst games for the system and more. We talk about the thing for almost an hour so if you love the Nintendo 64 you’ll want to listen in!

It’s not all retro though with fresh impressions of new games like Project Zero 2, Heroes of Ruin and that Theatrhythm game. It has a silly title doesn’t it? Plus some news about Sega and some speculation on what the Wii U might cost here in Australia.

Game Impressions include;

  • Project Zero 2
  • Heroes of Ruin
  • Theatrhythm¬†Final Fantasy
  • Arcade Classics 3D
  • The Amazing Spider-Man for 3DS
  • Order Up!!
  • Bomb Monkey
  • Professor Layton and the Last Specter
  • and Pokemon Conquest

We want to see some of your Nintendo 64 memories here in the comments too or in the forums. If you like you can also pick apart our opinions on the old ’64 as well.

Thanks go out to Juxtapose who, oh so awesomely crafted us our all-new intro theme. I highly suggest you check out the rest of his work over at his Facebook page here.

If you do subscribe to the Vookcast in iTunes be sure to give us an honest review, and of course if you have any feedback let us know in the comments below. We’d like to hear your thoughts so we can make the podcast better.

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Daniel Worthington
A diehard Nintendo fan since I got my first Game Boy back on Christmas 1992 and haven't looked back since. Got SNES with Super Mario Allstars for Christmas 1993. Favorite games of all time include such amazing titles as Secret of Mana, Kirby Canvas Curse, Chrono Trigger, Zelda Majoras Mask and of course Super Mario Galaxy. I'm a huge retro game fan and own way too many random Game Boy carts to count or name. I host the Vookcast around here and like to chip in with the occasional downloadable title review whenever I can find the time.

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