Vookcast Episode #110 – VCR Tape #008: Donkey Kong 64

by James MitchellNovember 20, 2014

The team returns with an all new VCR! In case you weren’t aware, the Vooks Critical Review is a special kind of podcast episode where the team discusses and dissects a game in Nintendo’s past, whether it be third or first party, and talk about how it holds up today.

The game for this VCR tape is Donkey Kong 64, a game that was lauded by critics when it was released but then torn down by players and fans alike today for the very same reasons. But how does it hold up today? The team dived in and played as much as they could to give it a go.


As with the other VCR episodes, we look at the game’s development history and the background and cultural context in which it was released. We also talk about the gameplay and how it holds up today, and how it could perhaps be fine-tuned where it doesn’t. Similarly, we talk about the game’s presentation and it’s similarities to Rare’s other major franchise like Banjo Kazooie. Finally, we talk about what happened to the franchise after 64 and the strange experimental lull that occurred all the way through until Returns on Wii.

So sit back, relax and take enjoy our revisit to DK Island!

How did you guys find Donkey Kong 64? Have you revisited it recently, if so, what did you think? Let us know!

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This episode was produced by Steven and features music from the Donkey Kong 64 soundtrack.

DK Rap
Composed by: Grant Kirkhope

Pufftoss Battle
Composed by: Grant Kirkhope

Funky’s Armoury
Composed by: Grant Kirkhope

Crystal Caves (Igloo)
Composed by: Grant Kirkhope

DK Isle
Composed by: Grant Kirkhope

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  • Nor
    November 25, 2014 at 4:59 pm

    Great work guys. Enjoyed it. I laughed my butt off when u said 10 year old you got bored by the end of it, because that is my lasting memory of the game as well….. I just sort of stopped. I found it frustrating and annoying due to the character changing and collecting required.

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