Vookcast Episode #105 – New News, Witch News and More News

The team returns with a very special guest – VOOK himself! We go over the latest news in all of the directs Nintendo have put out in the past few weeks.

First up is the discussion about the new Smash Bros. announcements – but don’t worry, we don’t mention anything that was mentioned in any leaks so you can listen without being spoiled! On top of that, the team talks about the announcement of the new 3DS, including the console itself, it’s games, it’s customisability and future prospects for the system.

Of course, we also chat about the latest updates on Bayonetta 2, including all the details that just came out of the direct as well as the controversial Arcade exclusive title (for now) which is a collaboration between The Pokemon Company and Team Tekken.

Other announcements such as Mario Kart 8 DLC, Miyamoto’s thoughts on casual gamers, and the future of the Resident Evil franchise with Nintendo are also discussed.

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James ‚Äď @Nemesis556
Steven ‚Äď @StevenImpson
Daniel ‚Äď @flamecondor

This episode was produced by James and features the following music in order of appearance: –

Music for this episode was chosen from last week’s eShop new release, Cubemen 2.

Cubemen 1 Main Theme (from Cubemen 2)
by Levan Lordishvili

Sid Sniper (from Cubemen 2)
by Levan Lordishvili

Moty Mortar (from Cubemen 2)
by Levan Lordishvili

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