Update: Nintendo drops Wii Fit U direct, release date revealed alongside free trial version

Classic Nintendo went and dropped a Nintendo Direct on us tonight, the main subject Wii Fit U.

There’s some good news here with Nintendo offering a multitude of ways to get into the game. From November 2nd you will be able to download Wii Fit U from the Wii U eShop as a free trial. This free trial will last one month from the download date and you can get a months access to the game for free until January 31st.

If you like the game you can purchase a Fit Meter and upon syncing the accessory the game will unlock fully. All 77 different activities, including 19 brand new training activities will be available both during the trial and after you purchase the Fit Meter.  The Fit Meter will be $29.95AU in Australia and $39.95NZ in New Zealand.

If you’re keen to just buy the game with no trial or don’t want a Fit Meter the game will be available at retail and from the eShop on February 1st.

So this is all a little confusing, so lets work it out in a list.

  • From November 1st you can download a Wii Fit U trial from the eShop that lasts one month. This trial is the full game just with the time restriction.
  • You can only download the trial if you have a Balance Board already.
  • The Wii Fit U trial goes from November 2nd to January 31st 2014.
  • To unlock the full game you can buy the Fit Meter in stores also from November 1st. This price is 50% off buying the game physically later with the Fit Meter.
  • To buy the game physically with the Fit Meter you can do so from December 7th. (with or without a Balance Board).
  • To buy the game without the Fit Meter (which is optional) on the eShop you have to wait until February 1st.
  • The download is 3GB.

Yeah Nintendo love to make things simple. Oh yeah Nintendo revealed some new features about the Fit Meter in the Nintendo Direct but after writing all that I’m going to bed.

Update: Article has been updated with Australian release dates and prices.

If you’re still confused, here’s the artwork from Nintendo of America. (Note US pricing).

wiifutu original


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