Upcoming events for the official Vooks Community Discord!

by Troy WassenaarSeptember 20, 2017

It’s an incredibly busy end of the year for the Nintendo Switch, and luckily we have a load of multiplayer games! But what good is a multiplayer game without people to play with? Well, the Vooks Discord is the place to be, with over 600 members taking part in discussion, games and events!

Some of you may be thinking, “What the heck is Discord?” Short answer: it’s like Skype mixed with a group DM! The Vooks Discord in particular is a place for Nintendo fans to talk about recent games, find fellow players to play games with, or take part in events we run for new release multiplayer games! Our last Mario Kart tournament even had amiibo prizes to win, and we’re ramping up for bigger and better things in the future! Already sold? Click here to join today!

Vooks Discord Mini-Splatfest #1 – Fire Emblem or Advance Wars?

This weekend, we’re holding our own unofficial Mini-Splatfest in Splatoon 2! Pick your side, find a team, and sign up!

The theme is Fire Emblem or Advance Wars?, a topic often discussed in the Discord and amongst Nintendo fans in general. If you want to join in, check the #splatoon channel for details on how to sign up solo, and we’ll find you a team.

Fight Nights – ARMS and Pokken Tournament DX

The following weekend is all about fighting games on the Switch! The latest ARMS update is out, so it’s time to give Lola Pop a whirl! Be sure to log on Saturday, September 30th to join in!

Sunday, October 1st is all about Pokken Tournament DX! There’s a bunch of new content since the original Wii U release, so log on to try it all out with fellow trainers!


This one is a new area for us- FIFA 18 is coming soon to Switch! We’ve had some interest in the Discord for a FIFA night, so let’s give it a shot! October 7th is the date to save, so be there!

Future Events

There’s so many games heading to Switch by the end of this year that we almost can’t keep up!

As soon as we have a release date for the Minecraft Better Together update for Switch, we’ll be setting up a Vooks server to play on.

Rocket League and Doom are due out this year, along with a variety of multiplayer for us to indulge in. Stay tuned for dates for these games as well!

Whew! That’s a bunch of stuff coming up this year for the Switch, and for the Vooks Discord! Finally convinced? Well, follow this link! There’s a wide variety of games to discuss and play, and be sure to tag us (@Vooks Team) if you have any questions!

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