Two patches coming to fix Nintendo Switch Sports, along with apology free week of Online

Nintendo Switch Sports has been down for a few days now. If you missed the news, the latest update caused some real issues, and eventually, no one could play the game online.

Nintendo’s got a fix. Two in fact one to be delivered on October 18th, and the other is “planned” for October 20th. Why two patches, then?

The first patch, Version 1.2.3 will end the “maintenance” of the game and you’ll be able to play online. This might not fix it for everyone – if that’s the case you’ll need to wait for the second.
The second patch, Version 1.2.3 will resume the ability to use cloud saves with the game, and the order of headwear in the clothing menu may appear different for some users. Keep in mind that this second patch is just “planned” for the 20th. It could come later we’re guessing depending on how well the first one goes.

To compensate for all this downtime and fuss, Nintendo has offered anyone who subscribes to Nintendo Switch Online and plays Nintendo Switch Sports an extra week of their subscription. This won’t be automatically applied yet; details are coming later. Also, from October 18th to November 3rd, you’ll be able to get extra points when you play online.

Well then, let’s see how it goes later this week.

Source: Nintendo

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