Touching is Good Episode 1: The Nintendo DS and the Metroid series

A new web series sharing our love of the DS.

It’s time for something new at Vooks, a new video original series looking back at the Nintendo DS and its games.

The Nintendo DS just passed its tenth birthday so let’s take the time to delve into¬†its library, the weird and the wonderful with your host Daniel ‘Flamecondor’ Worthington.

So why ‘Touching is Good‘? Well that’s the slogan Nintendo used during the launch period of the Nintendo DS back in 2005 – we felt it was quite fitting for what we want to talk about in the videos.

This first episode (after a short introduction) focuses on the Metroid games that hit the Nintendo DS during its lifespan, Metroid Prime Hunters and Metroid Prime Pinball. Just think about it, since Metroid Prime Pinball was launched there hasn’t been a single handheld Metriod game, so what happened?

As this is our first episode we’re hoping you can give us some great feedback (here in the comments, or even to me on Twitter) in addition to sharing your Metroid memories from the Nintendo DS.

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Daniel Worthington
A diehard Nintendo fan since I got my first Game Boy back on Christmas 1992 and haven't looked back since. Got SNES with Super Mario Allstars for Christmas 1993. Favorite games of all time include such amazing titles as Secret of Mana, Kirby Canvas Curse, Chrono Trigger, Zelda Majoras Mask and of course Super Mario Galaxy. I'm a huge retro game fan and own way too many random Game Boy carts to count or name. I host the Vookcast around here and like to chip in with the occasional downloadable title review whenever I can find the time.

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