The Very Long, Very Late Vookcast Episode #234

On this week’s episode of the Vookcast, Ollie is joined by Angelo, Michael, and Luke in a huge episode all about Nintendo shuttering yet another mobile game, the Switch finally (kind of, a little bit) getting folders, and Kirby and the Forgotten Land.¬†

We also take some questions from a listener who wanted to know a little bit more about us, and take on our hardest challenge yet in Nintendo 20 questions.

Huge apologies for both the sound quality in this one and the long time it took to upload. I (that’s Ollie) just moved houses and literally recorded with a laptop set up on a moving box, and my recording and editing spaces aren’t perfect yet. I’m hoping to finally be up and running on the usual old schedule by the next episode.¬†

Are you a Dragalia Lost player? What’s your favourite Kirby copy ability? What are the last four digits of Michael’s credit card? Head on over to the¬†Vooks Discord¬†to let us know, give feedback, and throw some suggestions our way.

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This week’s intro music is ‘Foolish Young Thing’ from One Piece Pirate Warriors 4.

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