The Red Lantern races onto Switch in 2019

There were a lot of cool and crazy games announced in this morning’s Nindies Showcase presentation, but one game in particular offered a surprising change of pace.

The Red Lantern is an intimate rogue-lite narrative game in which you take control of The Musher, a sled dog racer set on completing the Iditarod Trail race, the toughest and most terrifying sled dog race on the planet. Set in Nome, Alaska, you’ll navigate the harsh, changing landscape of the Alaskan wilderness, trying to resist frostbite, taking care of your dogs, and even fending off bears.

The Red Lantern features hundreds of unique interactions with the world, a touching, if a little intense, narrative, and the Switch version even offers gyro controls while playing in handheld mode. It’s scheduled to launch sometime in 2019.

You can read the full description below, or scroll past it to watch the trailer — be warned though, it’s a bit heavy.

The Red Lantern is a rogue-lite, resource management narrative game where you and your team of 5 sled dogs, lost in the wilderness, must navigate the ever-changing events of the Alaskan bush to find your way home.

Can you imagine going on a journey like this? For the brave few from around the world, the Iditarod is an incredible feat to overcome, and our friends at Timberline Studio are making this daring adventure a video game reality on Nintendo Switch. The Red Lantern is set in Nome, Alaska, where you play as The Musher as she sets out to train for the grueling Iditarod race. With your trusty crew of dogs, navigate the ever-changing landscape and events in the Alaskan wilderness as you find your way home. Combining roguelike elements into this story-driven adventure game, where hundreds of different events can occur—like fending off bears, resisting frostbite, attending your dogs, or receiving a signature moose-licking. And the Nintendo Switch version boasts gyro controls in Handheld Mode, allowing you to look around your environment with a simple turn of the system.

  • Survive the Alaskan tundra in this story-driven, roguelike adventure game as you find your way home
  • Choose how you want to interact with the world, do you tackle it head on hunting everything that moves, or do you take a more cautious approach?
  • Discover the hundreds of unique encounters as you and your dogs explore the world
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