The Pokemon Company Issues Statement Regarding Pokemon Cheaters

The Pokemon Company has today published a statement on their site in regards to cheating withing Pokemon video games, including new smart phone apps which can be used to ‘hack’ the game and the Pokemon contained within.

The smartphone apps imitate the servers for the game and distribute hacked Pokemon. These apps are not only unauthorized but are possibly able to corrupt your save game but also the player you’re playing against.

The Pokemon Company and Nintendo warns that if you do this they will not be able to return your save game data to normal.

If caught using the hacks at an official event or tournament you will be disqualified from the competition and be barred from any future events run by The Pokemon Company.

Keep this in mind as the official National Video Game Championships kick off this week here in Australia.

The full translated statement is below.

[quote]To all those who enjoy playing the Pokemon series

Thank you for playing the Pokemon series.

Currently, there are Pokemon-related smartphone applications on sale that have not been approved by either Nintendo or The Pokemon Company. These unauthorized applications have the capability to create unauthorized game data, utilize unofficial servers, and send hacked Pokemon into game software.

If these hacked Pokemon are sent into the game software, then the game will cease to operate correctly, and in certain case, can also cause the game to cease functioning.

Players are also able to utilize wireless communication functionality to challenge and trade with other players of the Pokemon series. Should a game containing hacked Pokemon use such communication functions, than it may also negatively affect the other player’s game and cause inconveniences to that player, such as causing the game to cease functioning.

Please understand that if any glitches or other inconveniences arise due to non-normal use, including the use of unofficial game data, neither Nintendo nor The Pokemon Company will be able to restore the game data to its original condition.

Furthermore, if use of non-official game data is discovered at game events organized by The Pokemon Company, then that player will be disqualified and will be barred from participating at any and all future events.

We kindly ask that players ensure that they enjoy games in the Pokemon series in accordance with the proper guidelines as written in the instruction manual in order to protect their favorite Pokemon and save data.[/quote]

Thanks to Alex Aniel for the translation.

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  • July 3, 2013 at 12:29 pm

    hmm…looks like things just got real !!

    i always wondered why they never banned people for using shiny maxed stat legendary pokemon at the pokemon vgc >_<"

    maybe nationals will be fun this year ?

  • Kevin Yu
    July 4, 2013 at 11:30 am

    So are they expecting people to breed Pokemon possibly 50 times to get the right nature as well as EV train them too? It would take weeks to make one team.

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