The next Yo-kai Watch game will be on Switch

by Oliver BrandtApril 10, 2018

Hot off the heels of not releasing the latest 3DS Yo-kai Watch games in the West, it seems like the next game in the series will be making the jump to HD.

In a post from Ryokutya2089 — known for releasing details from various Japanese magazines before they’re officially released — it was revealed that Level-5’s Yo-kai Watch 4 will be coming to the Switch. The title is presumably a work in progress, and details are extremely light at this time, but it’s suggested that the new game may be based on Yo-kai Watch Shadowside, an upcoming anime series set 30 years after the original continuity, and featuring the children of the the protagonist featured in the first 3 games.

Level-5 recently announced that all of their future main titles would be coming to the Switch, and this isn’t their first Switch game either; this month will see the release of The Snack World Trejarers, a Japan-only RPG in a series that is quite popular in the country. A new title in the popular soccer-based series Inazuma Eleven is also set to release on the Switch in Japan later this year, too.

There’s no word yet on if any of these Level-5 titles will make the jump to the West, especially given that we don’t even have all the already-released games here yet, but hey, it’s gotta happen eventually, right? Right???

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