Tetris 99 seeks to find the best of the best… in part of North America [Update: Now Everywhere]

by Luke HendersonMarch 7, 2019

Update: Nintendo Australia has now posted the same promotion but for us folk here in Australia and New Zealand. The terms are pretty much the same and the price is the same as well. $9.99.

Original Story: Nintendo has announced that Tetris 99 is getting a cool competition to find the best 999 players, as long as you live in select parts of North America.

Anyone who has Tetris 99 and by association a Nintendo Switch Online subscription can take part, as long as you live in the United States of America, Mexico and parts of Canada. Not even the entire portion of the continent of North America is able to play for prizes in this comp, which is even stranger.

However if you meet the requirements of this odd competition, you can win, and get ready for it 999 Gold Points for your My Nintendo account, which for us here would be $10 off any purchase on the eShop, which is nice, but I would rather a solid gold trophy of a random Tetris piece.

It is high time that Nintendo need to stop limiting events like this to one region, Switch is a global device, their first home console without region locking, but they keep events like this restricted. It also seems that Japan is hosting their own version of this, so maybe we shall get something here soon as well, only time will tell though.

If you don’t yet own Tetris 99 and you can get it, you absolutely should, check out our review of the game if you are on the fence.

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