Super Nintendo World is looking amazing

by Luke HendersonMay 28, 2020

Sometimes you are in the right place, at the right time, to score the perfect photo. For Instagram user imaiko02, that was in a plane as he flew over the top of Universal Studios Japan, and that gives us a great view at the upcoming Super Nintendo World to check out.

One thing you should note is the significant lack of scaffolding. This usually happens about six months before opening, though for now it really depends on when the full park is going tore-open.

Can you spot some of the more hidden details, like the Pokey in the corner as the Yoshi parade exits the building? Or how about the music notes that appear to be floating above the ground near the front of Bowser’s Castle?

The photo itself is awesome, but once you see it lined up with the rest of the park, things make a little more sense. Thanks to a little photographic fakery, you can see how it would look below.

With the high walls and somewhat removed nature of it, the sounds of the rest of the park and the outside world should be minimal, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in Super Nintendo World.

What do you think? Does this make you want to go?

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