Super Mario Run receives free Christmas content

by Chris ButtonDecember 19, 2016

Joining with the countless other games releasing festive content in preparation for December 25, the current #1 free app on the iOS store, Super Mario Run, has dropped its very own Christmas swag to make our side-scrolling experience just that tiny bit more jolly.

The seasonal content is for the Kingdom Builder mode, where you can spend earned coins on one of three quite pretty items: poinsettia flowers, a sparkly Christmas tree, and a sparkly snow globe featuring Mario himself.

Although cosmetic in nature, the most promising aspect of this update is how quickly it has arrived after Super Mario Run‘s launch; hopefully this means we can expect a steady stream of new content across all game modes in the coming weeks and months. Some are lamenting the lack of levels included in the game, but a well-written article by Waypoint‘s Patrick Klepek rebuts this notion by analysing how deceptively deep Super Mario Run‘s gameplay is.

By the way, Nintendo, what on earth is this attempt at getting us excited for the Christmas loot?

Sometimes less is more, my dear Nintendo. As in, removing that entire cringe-inducing line and letting the content speak for itself, more.

Anyways, the Christmas items are available now until January 5, so get on it now to avoid being a Wario-like Grinch.

What updates would you like to see in Run? What are your thoughts on its $15 AUD price tag?

Source: Perfectly Nintendo and Joe Merrick

Feature image from Nintendo of America

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  • Adam Thompson
    December 20, 2016 at 7:54 am

    I played the free content pm my sisters iPad and it is quite fun. It would be a much bigger collectathon than any other Mario game.

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