Super Mario Run content coming to Miitomo

With Super Mario Run out next week Nintendo is ramping up the cross promotion wiht Super Mario themed items, costumes and room decorations.

Aside from standard Super Mario costumes and room decorations there’s a rather cool¬†Super Mario Run varsity jacket. Pity there’s no shirt like Shigeru Miyamoto had on Jimmy Fallon. Take a look;

To celebrate the new release, Miitomo is running a special: As a special one-time offer, if you purchase 1,000 Miitomo Coins, you will receive 4,000 additional Miitomo Coins for free. (Coins usable only in Miitomo.)

If there’s an item you’ve had your eye on, this is a good chance to get it!

1. All users get in-app Mario and Luigi items!

Not only are the Mario cap and Mario suit back, but you still have time to get the newly introduced Luigi cap and Luigi suit. And better yet, we’re giving them to all Miitomo players for free!

2. Super Mario Run items available in Miitomo Drop!

You’d better run if you want these Super Mario Run wallpaper and flooring items!

3. Little Goomba, Little Boo buddy, and more available in the Miitomo Shop!

Visit the Miitomo Shop and pick up a Boo or Goomba to keep by your side. Plus, dress for the occasion with a Super Mario Run varsity jacket!

And don’t forget: The following event is still going on!

Check out the following task to get your hands on in-app Mario wallpaper and flooring:

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