Super Mario Maker 2 getting its final update tomorrow, adds World Maker and more

Update: The Version 3.0.0 update is now live. Patch notes are below the video.

Original Story: Super Mario Maker 2 will be receiving its final major update tomorrow, April 22nd. The update is a big one adding a bunch of requested features and items.

The big addition is the new World Maker mode, in this mode multiple courses created by people can be strung together to make a “world”, complete with end castle. Up to 8 worlds can be combined each with 40 courses with a number of different themes. It’s basically making your own Super Mario game from start to finish.

New power ups and enemies are include;

  • The Koopalings – all seven of them
  • SMB2 Mushroom – ride and throw enemies (SMB Only)
  • Frog Suit (SMB3 only)
  • Power Balloon (SMW only)
  • Super Acorn (NSMB only)
  • Boomerang Flower (SM3DW only)
  • New wearables in Super Mario 3D World style
  • Cursed Key (SMB only)
  • On/Off Trampoline (SM3DW only)
  • Mechakoopa

All of this is added to the game via a free update tomorrow. That’s a pretty massive update, enough to get you back to Super Mario Maker 2?

Ver. 3.0.0 (Released April 23, 2020)

Course Maker
  • New course parts have been added.
    • Each new part can be used in the following game styles as shown below
  • Select the Cursed Key by first placing a Key, then changing its type from the options available.
    • The Dotted-Line Block has been newly added to the Super Mario 3D World game style. It has been available in all other game styles since Ver. 1.0.0.
World Maker
  • You can now select World Maker and Worldbot from the main menu.
  • In World Maker, you can create your own Super Worlds.
    • You can set up to eight worlds and 40 courses in one Super World.
    • You can set courses that are saved under My Courses in Coursebot.
  • In Worldbot, you can view Super Worlds that you made in World Maker.
    • You can save up to six Super Worlds.
    • Each Maker can upload one Super World to Course World.
Course World
  • Super Worlds have been added.
    • You can play Super Worlds uploaded from Makers around the globe.
  • If a Maker uploads a Super World, it will be displayed in the Overview section of their Maker Profile.
  • Added a list of Super Worlds a Maker has played to their Maker Profile.
  • Added a friend list to Leaderboards.
    • Friends who have allowed “Share to Friend List” in Options will be displayed here.
  • In Leaderboards, the order of the list of Makers you’re following has been changed to display whoever uploaded a course most recently first.
  • Increased the number of tags that can be added to a course.
    • Added the following tags: Art, Technical, Shooter, Boss battle, Single player, and Link.
    • Courses that are tagged with “Single player” will not be selected in Network Play.
  • You can now download courses that you posted to My Courses in Coursebot.
  • Added a list of friends’ times to Everyone’s Times in Ninji Speedruns.
    • Friends who have allowed “Share to Friend List” in Options will be displayed here.
  • Added gear that can be acquired in Easy and Normal modes of Endless Challenge.
    • If the conditions for earning this gear have been met in Ver. 2.0.0 or earlier, it will be acquired when updating to Ver. 3.0.0.
  • Added “Share to Friend List” to Options. -By setting this to “Allow,” your information will be displayed to your friends in Leaderboards and Ninji Speedruns.
  • Issues have been fixed to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.
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