Splatoon 3’s multiplayer save data will be stored server-side


Last night brought us a huge info blowout on Splatoon 3, but more details have been trickling out since, and there’s some pretty juicy details.

One of the most frustrating parts of Splatoon 2 was that, if your Switch was lost, stolen, damaged, or even upgraded without the prior preparation, all your progress would be lost ‚ÄĒ online data such as your rank, level, and gear, story mode progress, the whole lot. Splatoon 3 fixes this.

In a post on the official Splatoon website, Nintendo has confirmed that all multiplayer data ‚Äď such as player level, ranks, items, and gear ‚Äď will be stored server-side and connected to your Nintendo Account. This means that there’ll be pretty much no way to lose your multiplayer progress, which is a gigantic step up from the first two games, which had you starting from scratch, should the worst have happened.

Online Splatoon 3 data‚ÄĒlike player level, ranks, items, and gear‚ÄĒis automatically stored in a server and connected to each player’s Nintendo Account.

Since things like progress in Story Mode don’t require an internet connection, they can be stored via the Save Data Cloud Backup service included in Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions.

You can also play on multiple Nintendo Switch systems if your user account is tied to your Nintendo Account.

Official Splatoon website

That’s not all, though. Splatoon 3 will also support Save Data Cloud Backup for story progress, meaning Nintendo Switch Online users can also be safe in knowing they won’t lose a single thing should their Switch consoles have an unfortunate dip into the pool at Mahi-Mahi Resort. Again, a huge improvement from Splatoon 1 and 2, and a welcome change that probably should’ve always been in previous games.

You can click here to read more about Splatoon 3, and don’t forget there’s a Splatfest World Premiere demo later this month, too.

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