Splatoon 3 Direct brings fresh info, Tableturf Battle, stage lineup, DLC and free update plans


Last night the Splatoon 3 Direct was jam-packed full of all the Splatty splat info you could hope for. It covered online modes, single-player, new customisation options, new characters, Splatfests and even a brand new in-game card game.

Let’s start at the beginning with Turf War – which returns obviously. Included in the game at launch are 12 maps made up of new maps and some returning from older games. There are five brand new ones Scorch Gorge, Eeltail Alley, Mincemeat Metalworks, Undertow Spillway and Hagglefish Market. Nintendo promises more maps will be added to the game as time goes on.

Speaking of updates, Splatoon 3 will receive both paid and free updates, and the free updates span maps, weapons, and fashion items and will be added to the game every three months for the next two years.

A brand new type of weapon was also announced. The Splatana Wiper sends out ink blades or can do a charged slash.

The new locker room feature can further customise yourself and show off your style. This section of the lobby will show recent people you have played against, and in their lockers, you can see what gear they have on, and you and they can add other flourishes to the lockers to style them however you like.

Tableturf Battle is an entirely brand new mode in Splatoon 3. It’s one on one competitive card battle game within the game. You’ll get a pack to start, but then you’ll be able to unlock more to add to your deck and battle other players in card battles. There are over 150 cards to collect in the game.

Deep Cut is the brand new band in the game; they’re hosts of the in-game news, which announce what maps and modes are in rotation at any given time. Deep Cut is a trio with Shiver, Fryre and Big Man.

Splatfests will also be back, with Nintendo showing off Splatsville rocking out when they’re on. The first Splatfest is on even before the game is out. We’ve got info on that here. The addition of Trio Turf Wars is new to Splatfests in Splatoon 3, where three teams battle it out for the chosen cause.

The game’s story mode was touched on, but only briefly. It promises to be the third and final part of the story.

New amiibo were also announced. There’s three new ones based on Shiver, Frye and Big Man. They’re due out this “summer”, we’ll have more local information here when they’re available and how to get them.


If you’ve played Splatoon 2 there’s also some bonuses for have the save game on your system. You’ll get extra Gold Sheldon Licences, be able to join Anarchy Battles and even start the game with a higher rank. More information about that and everything else in the Direct can be found here.

Splatoon 3 is out on September 9th, just under a month away now. Check out our bargain guide for the game here.

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