Splatoon 2 is getting another soundtrack album featuring songs from the Octo Expansion

Late last year, Japan got a rather exclusive music album called Splatune 2, featuring all the music from Splatoon 2 as well as some extras including sound effects and an interview with a few of the fictional bands featured in the game. Though it never came to the West, it was incredibly successful in Japan, and as such, there’s another one on the way.

Nintendo of Japan has announced that the Octotune, a soundtrack album featuring music from the upcoming Octo Expansion, will be releasing in Japan on the 18th of July. The 2-disc album will have all the songs featured in the Octo Expansion, as well as a full recording of the Inkopolive performance held in Japan back in February.

Early adopters will have the opportunity to order a special first print edition as well, which comes with a Blu-Ray featuring footage of the entire live performance, though it won’t be any different to the footage already on Nintendo’s YouTube page. The price for the standard edition will be¬†3200 Yen, while the special first print edition will be priced a little higher, at 4800 Yen.

There’s no word on if this, or the first Splatoon 2 soundtrack, will come to the West, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated if it does.

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