Sonic Mania is delayed, but Sonic Forces is on its way

Today saw the release of two very important bits of news for fans of the blue blur, Sonic is coming back in 2017 in a big way, but while we have some good news, we need to talk about the bad. Sonic Mania, which is coming to Nintendo Switch thanks to the wonderful team over at Tantalus, has been delayed. While the game was due to release sometime this Autumn, the game has been pushed back to Winter here, of course, this is for all the other platforms as well, not just Switch. In the mean time, we do have a new trailer that came from PAX East over the weekend, it is very short, but does show the game in action.

Now for the good news, we can say goodbye to Project Sonic 2017, which was one of the first games announced for Switch or NX as it was known then and now we welcome it back with the proper name, which is Sonic Forces.

The game is being built on an entirely new engine, called the Hedgehog Engine 2, the games engine has been built specifically for the game, with the core focus of the engine being just how fast it can render lighting and shadows. In addition, players can expect to play in three distinct playstyles, based off the three unique character designs.

The original Sonic design will allow players to play the game in the classic style, much like Sonic Mania, while the modern Sonic design will provide gameplay a kin to the more recent Sonic games. For the third, well that is completely unknown right now, though I suspect we will learn more at E3

The first game play is due to come to us tomorrow, while there are potato quality versions around now, we won’t share it here. Sonic Forces is due to release on Nintendo Switch sometime later this year, which could mean that gamers get both Sonic and Mario on their Switch for the holidays

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