Skyrim’s Day One patch adds video capture support

The first third-party game to do so!

Update: Bethesda has now released the full patch notes for this first update, it does a lot more than just add video capture;

  • Traditional Chinese Language Support (Text/Subtitles)
  • Support for Video Capture using the Capture button on the Switch
  • Fixed a rare audio issue where static can be heard after fast traveling
  • Fixed an issue with Legend of Zelda themed items not aligning properly on placed weapon racks in player homes
  • Motion Control improvements

Original Story: Skyrim comes out in a few hours here in Australia, but for those that are buying physically tomorrow, you’ll have a small download first.

Earlier today, a patch for Skyrim was pushed to the eShop, and while details on that patch are generally pretty scarce, we can tell you that it adds video capture support. This is the first third-party game to add support for the recently added feature, so it’s all very exciting.

Like in every other supported game, all you have to do to capture the last thirty seconds of footage is hold down the capture button. It’s that simple.

While you’re waiting for it to download, why not check out our review by clicking here? You’ll be glad you did.

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