Sinnoh Region Pokémon are coming to Pokémon Go ‘in the coming weeks’

by Daniel VuckovicOctober 9, 2018

Niantic and The Pokemon Company has announced that fourth generation of Pokemon is coming to Pokemon Go – in the coming weeks. So far only the three starters have been teased in a trailer, but the announcement isn’t just for Generation IV Pokemon but some changes coming to the game.

Both the migration pattern and behaviours of wild Pokemon is changing, it’s all a bit vague at the moment but here’s what Niantic says;

Changes to Pokémon Migration and Behavior As you explore the world of Pokémon GO, the following changes will affect the Pokémon that appear around you:

  • We are making adjustments to weather and, moving forward, it will have a reduced effect on the rate at which Pokémon appear.
  • As you explore a given area, you will notice that a greater variety of Pokémon species will appear over time and at different rates.
  • Certain areas, such as parks and nature reserves, will now contain more varied Pokémon species.

Pokemon in the game will also be balanced with CP and HP changes incoming. Defensive Pokemon are getting a boost too, by actually making them useful in the game;

Changes to Pokémon Effectiveness in Battle We also wanted to use this opportunity to rebalance in-game battle mechanics. You may notice some of the following changes in the coming weeks:

  • CP values will be adjusted going forward to improve game balance.
  • HP values will be adjusted to close the gap between high HP Pokémon and low HP Pokémon.
  • Pokémon Defense and Stamina values will be retroactively rebalanced, allowing highly defensive Pokémon to be valuable in battle by outlasting opponents rather than simply running out the clock.
  • Defense values have also been slightly retroactively reduced for most Pokémon. Changes like these will help narrow the gap between Pokémon with the highest defensive stats and other Pokémon.

No date on any of thee changes either aside from “the coming weeks”. We’ll let you know when that happens.

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