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by Luke HendersonMarch 2, 2019

Pokemon as a brand is now 23 years old, but a lot of the items that exist for people to purchase are more on the side of soft and plushy, which is ok. But for the fan that wants to show off their love of the Pokemon series, The Pokemon Company are kicking things up into the formal space, with the Poké Ball Classics collection.

The collection covers a range of items that if you saw someone wearing or using, you might notice the subtle Poké Ball design upon it. Right now the only item you can buy is the Poké Ball Classics Silk Infinity Scarf, but the rest are coming soon.

For those who want to keep their neck warm, the scarf is priced at $25US, which is not too bad, especially for silk, but as with most things Pokemon Company, they are not shipping directly to Australia. As of the time of posting, this is the only item that can be ordered right now, the rest are listed as coming soon.

If a scarf is not the item for you, then maybe the Poké Ball Tie will be more up your alley, also made from Silk and priced at $25US, it is another way to show your Pokemon love around your neck.

Those who want 2 BA Master of time, can do so with these Poké Ball Classics Watches, one for Men and one for Women, crafted by the folks at Fossil, but they are a costly item, at $150US a piece.

If you want to rep your love in the grandest way possible, then the Poké Ball Polo Shirt is an option, though at $40US, there are cheaper ways to show it.

The final two items are the ones I can see myself getting, the Poké Ball Wallet and Poké Ball Messenger Bag, though the wallet will set you back $50US and there is currently no price on the bag, again, there are cheaper ways to do it, but the subdued design on the wallet is very impressive.

If you want to get any of the items for yourself, you can head to the Pokemon Center website and keep an eye on when they become available.

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