Shaky start for Big Bash Boom on Switch, patch incoming

by Chris ButtonDecember 1, 2018

Following a shaky Switch launch, Big Bash Boom developers Big Ant Studios has assured fans a patch is incoming to bring the gameplay to the same level as the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

Via Twitter, Big Ant released a statement that they are “waiting on a patch to go through the Nintendo submission process that will bring the gameplay to parity with PS4/Xbox One.” An exact timeline of when the patch will launch is unknown, but it will likely be very soon.

Playing my brother’s copy of Big Bash Boom purchased via the eShop, I have experienced various bugs and performance issues, ranging from minor through to severe. Currently, the Switch version encounters long loading times, and frame rate drops during scripted animations such as teams entering the stadiums. Thankfully, Big Bash Boom’s frame rate holds up better during active gameplay, but other issues detract from the otherwise fun gameplay.

One of the more bizarre glitches involved a batsman completely disappearing after my brother and I spent some time in the pause menu exploring the fielding options. This meant I could do nothing until the batsmen mysteriously reappeared the following delivery – thankfully, my brother graciously bowled away from the stumps to avoid taking a cheap wicket!

Realising he left the stove on, Matt Wade made a hasty exit.

Another issue we encountered was a premature victory following a run-out. Midway through the final over and needing two runs for victory, my brother chipped a shot airborne to my fielder – which I dropped. The batsmen then completed one run before getting narrowly run-out attempting what would have been the winning second run. However, instead of recognising the tied scores and continuing until one more run was scored or when the final over was completed, the game incorrectly counted both runs and declared victory to the batting team. Sheepishly, my brother claimed the win while I looked on in incredulous bewilderment.

Hopefully, the patch adds in some more in-depth tutorials and control explanations, too. Unfortunately, I was unable to test out the motion controls, because other than an “on” and “off” setting prior to starting a game, there was no explanation for how to use them. I was also unsure of what button to press to trigger celebrations, as I could not find it in the controls menu (which cannot be accessed during a game, only via the main menu). Speaking of celebrations, we couldn’t customise the players’ celebrations or accessories; selecting the customise menu would show what options are customisable, but the game would not let us navigate any further.

Although these issues are frustrating and may take time to fully iron out, Big Bash Boom does contain a solid foundation for an enjoyable multiplayer game. Nailing the perfect timing and smashing a huge six into the crowd feels genuinely satisfying, so hopefully the upcoming patch improves performance and recentres the focus on the fun stuff.

Once the patch hits, I’ll aim to have a full review up here on Vooks next week.

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