Romance of The Three Kingdoms XIV is coming to Switch

Koei Tecmo have announced that Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV is getting an expansion in early 2021 and that with that release, the game will also come to the Switch. While not new to Nintendo platforms in Japan, this will be the first Western release for the series on a Nintendo platform.

The series has released on Wii, Gameboy Advance and even Switch before, but they have never left Japan on those platforms.

For those who have never heard of the series before, it is actually based on the romanticized Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel, which was written in the 14th century. Along with the historical text Records of the Three Kingdoms, the storyline takes place during the Han Dynasty in China with many warring factions that included the Shu Han, Cao Wei and Eastern Wu kingdoms.

The upcoming expansion called, The Diplomacy and Strategy Expansion will be packed with new possibilities, including trade with great Eurasian empires — including Rome and India — allowing for even broader strategies to unfold on a path to unify China. But that’s not all, as the expansion pack also introduces cities of foreign forces onto the map. Apart from conflicts in the central area, armies will now need to deal with intensified border clashes, upping the stakes in every skirmish.

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  • Adam
    August 26, 2020 at 4:58 pm

    I’m sure SNES’s ROTK 4 cane ti the West, at least as part of Virtual Console.

    Sadly I just can’t get into this new one, too much micromanagement.

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