Review: PowerA Nintendo Switch Wired Controllers

This week we got sent the new range of PowerA Nintendo Switch Wired Controllers, while these aren’t completely new models, they are all new designs and there are some small changes compared to last year’s models.

Usually, reviews for ‘third party’ controllers all talk about how terrible they are, and how they’re good for a kid or a younger sibling. That really hasn’t been the case for a while, and certainly not with these controllers. They are cheaper – but not at all bad.

Made out of a solid plastic and with a nice matte finish, the controllers feel high quality and they’re comfortable in your hand. The unit sounds a little hollow, but it’s still quite solid. All of the buttons are clicky and responsive as well, the triggers included. The D-Pad is your classic style and despite looking shiny in the photos has a rough texture to it for grip, it’s a little spongy but better than having no D-Pad.

The analogue sticks, frankly, are massive. They not only have big pads but also they’re quite tall as well. Previous models of this controller had interchangeable caps, but these ones don’t have them included nor are they able to be removed. Forget about clipping on those little analogue stick grips here, you won’t need them. The most striking part of these controllers are the beautiful designs featured on the front. Each controller has been tweaked to suit the artwork, the Mario controller has black and red ABXY buttons, the DK one has red and yellow and the Splatoon one takes it further with pink analogue sticks. All of the controllers have a themed D-Pad as well. The back of all controllers is black, aside from the Yoshi one.

There are some things missing from these controllers, at half the price of a Pro Controller you’d expect it. These controllers are missing NFC, so no amiibo support, they’re also missing HD rumble and gyro controls. For everyone that won’t be ideal, but if you don’t mind them missing you’ll be saving some money.

As the name suggests these controllers are wired. The box says they have a detachable cable, but this is only really for transporting, they don’t snap off to save consoles toppling over or anything like that. You probably won’t be removing these cables often, and you really wouldn’t want to. A little channel has been dug into the micro-USB cable plug which is meant to make it easier to fit in the plug. I found this didn’t help and didn’t actually let me use another Micro-USB cable – so don’t lose it or another might not fit.

For the money these Wired Controllers are great value, they’re missing the bells and whistles of the Pro but if you’re after a wired controller, with a D-Pad and some beautiful designs these could be for you.

The PowerA Nintendo Switch Wired Controllers are available exclusively from JB Hi-Fi. They are distributed by Bluemouth Interactive in Australia.

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  • Silly G
    March 29, 2018 at 4:28 am

    These wired controllers remind me of the Wii U Pro Controller, which was *really* comfortable to use, and is quite possibly my favourite conventional controller ever. The Switch Pro Controller feels much too bulky, stiff and heavy in comparison (and the D-pad is absolute rubbish). I wish that these controllers had been the basis for the design of the Switch Pro Controller, but obviously with all the bells and whistles such as wireless functionality, HD rumble etc.

    As much as I absolutely love the look of these (and I would have bought them all in a heartbeat if they were proper Pro Controllers), but in their current state I have no use for them, and even in docked mode, I much rather prefer using a wireless controller (detached Joy-Con is a really comfortable way to play). I’m already drowning in Joy-Con and grips as it is. 😛

    • Gavvo
      March 29, 2018 at 6:40 am

      I agree the WiiU Pro controller was awesome. It was my fave until I got my hands on the Switch Pro controller. Now that’s my absolute favourite of all time (besides the SNES controller). The Switch one is so perfect except for the d-pad as you said, but everything else about it feels so great.

  • Oliver Phommavanh
    March 29, 2018 at 8:34 am

    Great designs and a good budget option for switch owners. But I wish they were wireless. Can’t wait for the next first party pro controller

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