Resident Evil HD Remaster on Wii U is “currently not Capcom’s focus”

Resident Evil fan site RelyOnHorror has recently sat down for an interview with Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, an employee at Capcom working on the Resident Evil HD Remaster project. The title was announced earlier this month for almost every current platform except for Wii U.

While the full interview has yet to be posted on the site, a partial excerpt has highlighted what Capcom’s plans are for a future version on Wii U, if any. Considering the original Resident Evil remake was a Gamecube exclusive and even appeared on the Wii, you’d hope that the HD Remaster would perhaps be headed to the Wii U, right? Wrong.

The team at RelyOnHorror were told that a Wii U version of the game is not currently Capcom’s focus, but the interviewer hypothesises that it isn’t completely off the cards given their vagueness on the situation. It is worth noting that Capcom’s latest Resident Evil release, Resident Evil Revelations, was released on all consoles including the Wii U.

Resident Evil HD Remaster Screenshot

It’s worth mentioning that Resident Evil fans could probably still get their fix of the Resident Evil remake by playing the Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil Wii port on their Wii U, but of course this won’t have the high definition bells and whistles of the forthcoming remaster.

What’s your thoughts on this? Do you think Capcom should be throwing the Wii U a bone right now or are their priorities in the right place? Let us know in the comments!

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