Renegade Kid’s Cult County now headed to Wii U, 3DS version nixed

The developers of Mutant Mudds and the Dementium series are trying there hands at Kickstarter to get their next game off the ground. It’s called Cult County and is coming to the Wii U eShop as well the PC, Xbox One PlayStation 3, 4 and Vita.

The game was originally planned for the Nintendo 3DS and would have been the systems first person shooter but wasn’t to be, the game has grown beyond a handheld and is now also being built on the Unity engine.

Renegade Kid describe Cult County as “The Walking Dead meets Silent Hill 2 from a first-person perspective.”and will be every bit as scary as you’d hope a game from the creators of the Dementium would be. While other games Renegade Kid have developed have been self funded or published by another company they team wanted to make the game they wanted to make – without changes. Kickstarter was the best way for them to go about it.

The game will be spread across five episodes with some story spanning all 5 episodes and other parts being self contained in one episode. We’re not quite sure how the episode system will work yet with the Wii U eShop but they have a while to work with Nintendo figure it out.

You can be an ‘early bird’ and back the game now for $15. Full details at the Kickstarter page.

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