PSA: Big W are closing off Nintendo Switch pre-orders today

by Daniel VuckovicFebruary 5, 2017

Big W have announced via a Facebook post that it will not longer take pre-orders for the Switch after February 5th. That’s today!

If you were wanting a Switch from Big W you’d best get down to a store and plonk your $50 down. It would appear that they’re closing in on their allocation.

Which is either a good sign or a bad. Good that there’s so many pre-orders, but could also be bad because it’s still just a month away!

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Posted by BIG W on Thursday, February 2, 2017

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  • Oliver Winfree
    February 5, 2017 at 11:23 am

    I’m getting some classic NES mini vibes here, seriously Nintendo you better have enough stock to satisfy demand or you’ve shot yourself in the foot

  • Fimbulvetr
    February 5, 2017 at 12:17 pm

    Yeah it’s more than likely that they have limited allocation. This really is not good news.

  • OzHuski
    February 5, 2017 at 3:03 pm

    I don’t know why everyone is treating it like doom and gloom? Nintendo did say they had 2 million consoles. My local EB as of last week had over 70 preorders for that one store and we’re hoping to get to 80 by the end of this week. For a change – even the staff were hyped for it and had one preordered.

    Its a good sign it’s selling well – and those 2 million are almost gone. With reports they are already ramping up production for the second shipment – you have to be hopeful.

  • Andrew
    February 6, 2017 at 10:05 am

    Nintendo has such a bad track record that people are quick to assume that they’ve shipped a small stock quantity. In this instance however, they’re shipping a similar launch quantity to Sony or Microsoft at their launches. The demand for this console so far is very strong but most are at launch. The saying power of this demand will be the real test.

  • KiWiiu_Freek
    February 6, 2017 at 11:59 am

    I was in EB the other day throwing more money at my Switch pre-order and letting them know that I will be picking it up so I don’t get pushed into the second shipment.
    I asked when the second shipment was and they told me that at this stage it was April.
    That’s only a month later (if correct), which isn’t too bad.
    Let’s hope that means Nintendo have ramped up production quick enough.

  • Warh3D
    February 6, 2017 at 5:12 pm

    I was in my local EB games store yesterday and they have confirmed that their customers that have pre-ordered for pickup will be able to que up at their nominated store at 10pm march 2nd for a midnight release, although you must phone them in advance to let them know that you will be there for the event so they can be sure to have your orders ready. The only catch is Nintendo are enforcing tough regulations stating that no consoles can be in the hands of customers until midnight. So technically we still have to wait until the 3rd, but whilst the rest of the world snoozes, we can get our systems home and start updating the software ?

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