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It’s been more than ten years since the original Nintendo 3DS release of Luigi’s Mansion 2 (or Dark Moon), and when this HD version of the game was announced, my initial reaction was – already? But a lot can happen in ten years, and now, two systems later, Nintendo Switch owners will get the chance to take Luigi through some mansions and catch some ghosts once again. With Luigi’s Mansion 3 already on the Switch, how does a 10-year-old, previously portable-only interaction land? 

Trouble ahead.

So, they’ve slapped HD on the end of this one – is that all they’ve done? 

Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD isn’t the complete remake treatment that Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door recently got, but they have done more to the game than just up the resolution. 

While the game’s overall appearance is similar, most character models have been completely replaced. Luigi looks more up-to-date; he’s got textured overalls, and his hands are less polygonal. It’s not just the character models; many of the world elements, ghosts, and more have also had a glow-up. 

All the best stuff is in the graveyard.

Textures all around the game have also been either upscaled or redrawn. It looks more like how you remember it in your head than how it actually looked. 

It undoubtedly has a simpler look, especially compared to Luigi’s Mansion 3, but no, it’s not the same as a 3DS game, just in higher resolution.¬†Luigi’s animation and expressions remain as great as before.


Have gameplay changes from Luigi’s Mansion 3 been brought back into this one? 

If you mean does the Poltergust have the area burst attack or Luigi’s ground slam, then no, the gameplay is the same as the Nintendo 3DS version of the game. All of the puzzles and bosses are built around what was already in this second game, so there’s no point in adding things that aren’t going to be used.


Can I play this one in co-op?

Unlike Luigi’s Mansion 3, this game’s story is a single-player affair outside the ScareScraper multiplayer modes. 

Balloon sections add verticality to puzzles

How does it play without 3D? 

Like many Nintendo 3DS games, Luigi’s Mansion 2 didn’t use the 3D effect much. Enabling the 3D effect made some environmental puzzles easier. Still, ultimately, the benefit of 3D with the original was to give the game a presentational boost with a diorama effect. It is now in HD and on a big screen, more than makes up for it. 

Luigi’s expressions are on point.

Why would they release this one and not the first game as well? Why is it the same (full price) price as Luigi’s Mansion 3? 


Woah, woah, one question at a time. Some effort has gone into this HD port, so another game is more work – even with a 3DS port of the original title also existing. Luigi’s Mansion 3 moved over 16 million units, more than double that of the second game. Clearly, this is for those who perhaps got in on the third game and want more Mansion action. If you’re like me and bought it ten years ago, it certainly feels a little soon to repurchase it, but millions played the third and haven’t touched the others. 

Luigi‚Äôs Manson 2 HD is out on June 27th, 2024, we’ve got a bargain guide going for it to help find it cheap.

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