Pokémon getting an 8-part animated web series called Evolutions

Pok√©mon is no stranger to animation, and this year we’ll be getting an extra little treat.

The Pok√©mon Company has announced that starting next week and running til the end of the year, they’ll be releasing an eight-part web-series called Pok√©mon Evolutions. Each episode will feature a story from a particular region, starting with Galar next Thursday with following episodes releasing fortnightly in descending order through each region. The trailer shows that the stories will follow some events from the games, much like Pok√©mon Generations did back in 2016 for the 20th anniversary of the series.

Pokémon Evolutions will be available on YouTube and in the Pokémon TV app on Android, iOS, and Switch, starting on the 9th of September.

Produced to help celebrate 25 Years of Pok√©mon, this eight-episode series will begin in the Galar region and culminate in the Kanto region‚ÄĒthe first region that appeared in the Pok√©mon series. Each episode features familiar characters and Pok√©mon alongside a connecting thread of a Pikachu that leads the viewers on their voyage through the regions. Mark your calendar with the following dates on which each episode will debut:

September 9, 2021: ‚ÄúThe Champion‚ÄĚ featuring the Galar region

September 23, 2021: ‚ÄúThe Eclipse‚ÄĚ featuring the Alola region

October 7, 2021: ‚ÄúThe Vision‚ÄĚ featuring the Kalos region

October 21, 2021: ‚ÄúThe Plan‚ÄĚ featuring the Unova region

December 2, 2021: ‚ÄúThe Rival‚ÄĚ featuring the Sinnoh region

December 9, 2021: ‚ÄúThe Wish‚ÄĚ featuring the Hoenn region

December 16, 2021: ‚ÄúThe Show‚ÄĚ featuring the Johto region

December 23, 2021: ‚ÄúThe Quest‚ÄĚ featuring the Kanto region

Pokémon Evolutions will provide fans with a fresh perspective on some familiar locations. Remember; you can experience these new adventures starting September 9, 2021, on Pokémon TV and on the official Pokémon YouTube channel.

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