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(Leaf Green was reviewed but games basically the same.)

Pokmon you either love it or you hate it. For about a good 5 year I was what you called a Poke Nut (or Nerd if you like). I had Pokmon cards, Videos and of Course the games, I was what you called an early adopter of Pokmon, I had the first game (Red) before there was all the marketing and “faddieness” to the whole thing, so if you look past all the crap that Nintendo brought along with Pokmon and have a look at the Original Pokmon games (red and blue, green in Japan) underneath all that Craziness was a deep and well thought out game.

So here I am year later and after playing Pokmon Gold (One of the best Games ever imo) Pokmon Crystal, Pokmon Stadium 1 and 2, Pokmon Snap, Pokmon Ruby and Sapphire, Pokmon Colosseum we finally do a hole 360 degree spin and end up where we started, In case you werent aware Pokmon Fire Red and Leaf Green (henceforth known as FRLF) are Nintendo’s “remake” “rehash” “re-in vision” of the Classis Pokmon games Red and Blue, all bundled nicely on the GBA with a free wireless adapter.

There is probably 3 reasons to own this game and also 3 reasons why you are reading this reviews Reason #1 for owning this game is your like me and played the original Pokmon games enjoyed them wouldnt mind Playing through them again but playing the old Cartridge means wiping your Perfect 151 Pokedex. Reason #2 youve never played Pokmon before and what way to get started but to go back to the beginning with out having to search for a copy of red and blue. And Reason #3 which is probably the most obvious you want the Wireless Adapter and a bonus game which could be fun to play.

So why are you reading this review? Again 3 three reasons, Reason #1 You liked Pokmon Red and Blue and want some more Pokmon Action but not sure wether you want to pay 69 bucks for the pleasure (again), Your going to by the game no matter what and just want to see what the every funny VOOK has to say about it. Or reason #3 you have no Idea what Pokmon is and would like to try it and when you thought you would read a review you though you would actually read about the game and not why youre reading about the game. Well Fret not the game will be explained in the next few sections.

Nintendo Im very disappointed with you on this front, sure Ruby and Sapphire looked better then Pokmon Red and Blue (only just), Sure the water and footprints are nice small touches, sure FR and LG are only remakes but Nintendo have you seen Golden Sun lately? Im not going to go much into what the Pokmon Series should be but frankly the look they have currently doesnt cut and the game could look a hell of a lot better. Also in Pokmon Crystal the Pokmon had a few frames of animation well were has that gone to?

Its not all bad though even though the graphics could be a lot better its not all doom and gloom, the world is a brightly coloured, the characters and Pokmon are all nicely coloured some of the effects for moves are rather nice. So if your feeling down about the graphics, dont let that sway you not to buy the game because once youre into the story you wont notice it

This is sort of in the same ballpark as the Graphics while FRLGs sounds arent stretching the Gameboy Advance by any means it doesnt have to and with all the Pokmons (the monsters) sounds in the game its no mean feat. The Music is a vast improvement over the originals however its still not up the standard of Golden Sun, the Pokmon they still dont speak however there cry now also changes depending on how injured they are. If they are severely injured the pitch of the cry will be much lower were as if they are at perfect health they will be at the normal pitch. And another small thing the bike now has a bell.


This is the balls of the game are. Most of you know how Pokmon starts but for those who dont it basically starts off with you (the budding Pokmon trainer) starting off in Pallet Town, you head off to Professor Oaks lab but he isnt there. You begin to head off out of town, when low and behold Professor Oak shows up and admits to being in the Lab the whole time he was really under the table drunk and couldnt get up. (No really its true) He takes you back to the lab and gives the choice of 3 Pokmon, Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur. It doesnt matter really who you choose just that the first couple of Gyms are easier to beat with Squirtle or Bulbasaur because of conflicting Pokmon Types.

After you have received you Pokmon your Rival (who happens to be Oaks grandson yet he cant remember his name because hes drunk, you have to name him) will also receive one it will be the Pokmon of the opposite and more powerful types of your Pokmon. After a simple battle which you should be win but doesnt matter if you dont then youre off on your Pokmon Journey to collect all the badges and then face off against the Elite Four. But if you think thats the end of the Game then you sadly mistaken, sure the main adventure has about 26 hours of game play in it however the real quest is collecting all the Pokmon and thats were the opposite version comes in. Not all the Pokmon that are in Fire Red are in Leaf green and Visa Versa and thats how you make money People. Also to Trade to Ruby, Sapphire and Colosseum you have to unlock it first. This is done by first beating the Gym Leader, which by Memory is on Cinnabar Island. After the battle Bill (the guy who makes the Pokmon Storage system) asks you to come to the Mystery Island, which you will travel to by Ferry. You will only be able to access four islands to start with but once you have completed the Elite Four and have collect sufficient Pokmon you will be given access up to Island number 7. These new Mystery Islands have all sorts of new things to explore that werent in Pokmon Red or Blue. One Island sees you having access to Pokmon that are from Johto, there is also a Move Deleter, A relearner then there is also a Breeding Centre which featured in Gold and Silver, and there is also some Mini Games which can be played using you wireless adapter.

Also on the note of the Wireless adapter, there is not only battling and trading to-do with it you enter a chat room which will pick up people with another wireless adapter and you can talk to them, its sort of a poor mans Picto-Chat however it is a welcome addition. And there is also the Joyspot Function which will probably never see the light of day here in Australia. A joyspot is like a Wifi hotspot set up in a Pokmon Store or Toys R Us store where you can collect some news on Pokmon and connect to other Joy spots that are connected to it. In Japan there are a few stores with this function included but as I said we probably wont see it in Australia.

These games are one of those Games that really cant be given a how hard is it or how long does it go for Score. Sure I could say once you completed all the badges and beaten the elite four the Game is over. However its not the case as there is so much more today in this game and so many combinations on how you approach this game that it could go on forever. As for the Value of the game you only get out what you put into it, If you plan to play through the very thorough then youll get your moneys worth if not just think of it as a $69 dollar wireless adapter with a free game.

My Tilt
At the beginning of the Review I discussed that there is 3 reasons why you probably would want to buy thing game and Im going to give a score for each on top of the Score I gave for the Game. This is the best way to help you decide weather you want buy the game.


Reason #1 8.5
Played the original Pokmon games enjoyed they wouldnt mind playing through them again but playing the old Cartridge means wiping your Perfect 151 Pokedex

Reason #2 9.7
Youve never played Pokmon before and what way to get started but to go back to the beginning with out having to search for a copy of red and blue

Reason #3 8.0
You want the Wireless Adapter and a bonus game which could be fun to play

If you fall under those 3 categories then thats the score Ive given the game, If you dont then follow the main review score.

Graphics 7.0

Gameplay 9.9

Sound 7.0

Tilt 9.0

Value 9.0

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