Pokemon Conquest Competition Winners Announced

So yet again readers you have amazed us with some great entries, we even had more entries that the Project Zero 2 competition! It was a really tough choice, there were so many great ideas and the cross overs were coming in thick and fast.

Here are  just some of the franchises and game series you guys thought would be a good cross over with Pokemon. They are, Xenoblade, Mega Man, Skyrim, Dragonball Z, Singstar, Ape Escape, Mission Impossible, Kirby, My Little Pony, Metroid Prime, Digimon, Pikmin, Mario Party, Stargate, Smash Bros, Lord of the Rings, Paper Mario, Mario Kart, Zelda, Monster Hunter, Mass Effect, Cooking Mama, Tales, Advance Wars, Assassin’s Creed, No More Heroes and World of Warcraft.


There were a lot of overlapping ideas and franchises but the below winners had the best ideas and therefore win a copy of Pokemon Conquest! Again we have to thank Nintendo Australia for providing the copies of the game, they’re very generous and we thank them!

And here are the winners…

[quote]Cameron S

I would make Ace Attorney x Pokemon. Investigations would be carried out with the local Officer Jenny (and Growlithe) as your partner. Jenny also carries a number of Pokemon with her to assist in the investigation, including Hypno for questioning witnesses and a Ditto for collecting evidence from secure locations.

The court is also staffed by a Gardevoir, who uses her psychic abilities to make questioning Pokemon possible.[/quote]

[quote]Liam D

I think Pokemon could mix with Mass Effect (Pokemon: Universe?), where Cerberus has teamed up with Team Rocket to enslave Pokemon everywhere!

With Commander Shepard and his new Pokecrew, they’ll team up to stop them! Aside from it sounding like a bad 80s TV show,  the game play could incorporate the multiple choice storyline aspect from Mass Effect while improving the battle system from Pokepark 2: Beyond Wonders (perhaps with an added side of absurdity).[/quote]

[quote]Adel A

A mix between Pokémon and the Chrono Trigger series would be interesting. Traveling through time would allow you to discover which pokémon existed at the beginning of time, and which Pokemon are facing extinction in the future, as well as how different species have evolved and appeared throughout generations.

Having to team up and battle with Pokemon would be interesting, and the numerous possibilities of combined tech attacks would  be amazing.[/quote]

[quote]Joseph J

I would mix the Gundam series along with Pokemon. It’d be possible by re-designing the Gundam mechas to look like Pokemon, as well as to give them the respective abilities each mecha is designed after.

Instead of intense 1 on 1 trainer battles, there’d be epic clashes between massive factions for example, a group of Fire-based Gundam against that of a Water-based Gundam group. It would be pretty amazing to see this happen.[/quote]

[quote]Chan W

“Pokepark Tycoon” is a spinoff with ‘Pokemon’ and the ‘Rollercoaster Tycoon’ series.

Potentially a “Pokepark” series extension, players would build amusement parks for Pokemon.  Initially, players can only build in the Kanto region but different regions and be unlocked, revealing different Pokemon. Players would aim to attract every Pokemon by designing different rides in different terrain that interest them (depending on personality), for example “Machamp’s Seismic Toss Free-Fall”, “Squirtle’s Whirlpool Carousel”.

Gotta attract them all![/quote]

All winners will be contacted via email to let them know they won, thanks everyone else for entering your entries were all great.

Pokemon Conquest is in stores now, look for our review shortly.

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