Pikachu Outbreak! had Pikachu dancing all over Japan and now the internet

by Daniel VuckovicAugust 19, 2015
Dance Dance Dance, Get on down with Pikachu.

No longer can Pikachu just surf and electrocute things, he’s taken up dancing. Recently you might have noticed a flood of dancing Pikachu videos and GIFs over the internet and here’s why.

For the last two weeks the Pikachu Outbreak! event had been taking place in Yokohama, Japan. The event had over 1000 Pikachu marching through the town and putting on dance performances. The idea according to the official website was make the Minato Mirai area a Pikachu theme park. If the world needs one thing it’s more Pikachu too.

For the event they even came up with an official Pikachu Dance which you can watch below as performed by Pikachu and the hosts of the PokemonTV show.

Pikachu doesn’t stop there though, he might have a dance named after him but he’s not above dancing to other songs.
This Pikachu has that Uptown Funk going on

These Pikachu are Cruisn’ for a Bruisn’ (I had to Shazam that one, I swear I didn’t know).

Who needs renewable energy when you have an army of Pikachu?

We’re not sure what she’s singing in this one, but we’ll have what she’s smoking.

Pikachu couple is getting loud.


How many Pikachu can you fit in an elevator?

Until Next Year!

Oh there’s even a HOME Theme for the Nintendo 3DS if you’re keen (oh and in Japan)

You can find more videos via the event’s Twitter hashtag #ピカチュウ大量発生チュウ. Be warned after about 30 minutes of Pikachu dancing you could go blind. See a fun one we missed? Show everyone in the comments!

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  • ShayNeary
    August 19, 2015 at 7:27 pm

    Nope, still confused XD

  • q10
    August 20, 2015 at 9:36 am

    I was fortunate enough to check it out, very enjoyable, people were going crazy for pikachu, felt bad for the pikachus sweltering in 30+ degree weather and high humidity

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