PGA Tour 2K21 Preview

Earlier in the week, we got to a have a ‘preview’ of the upcoming PGA Tour 2K21. Usually this sort of demo would be given in person and we’d get to play the game with the developers present. Instead, we were invited to chat with the developers just like everyone else is doing on a video call. We were then given an early PC build of the game, but we were sure to ask about the Switch version.

PGA Tour 2K21 is developed by HB Studios, who are known for making great, albeit very serious, golf games such as The Golf Club. Now under the 2K wing, their talents making golf games are being stretched to fill the 2K mould.

While The Golf Club, HB Studios’ previous Golf games, may have been more serious, PGA Tour 2K21 will open up golf to more people with a lot more help to get you started. Just like Mario Golf, the game will have shot suggestions, markers for where the shot will go and an extensive training system to get you on the right footing. If you’re still after the full golf sim style, then you can play based on touch and sight with no UI at all.

For those hoping for motion controls, while PGA Tour 2K21 will be open to more people with more accessible to get into modes – it won’t be that open. You’ll be using the analogue sticks to control your shots.

The PGA TOUR Career Mode is the biggest mode of the game, as you take your golfer from double bogey to eagle and play through a schedule of PGA Tour events. There are Sponsors Goals to unlock along the way, but you’ll only be able to have one sponsor at a time. The game is presented to replicate what it’s like watch Golf on TV, which may not sound exciting but those who do like to watch it will feel at home. The game is commentated by Luke Elvy and Rich Beem, who commentate the game well, and it even covers how other players are doing at the time on the tour.

There’s been some confusion about the Switch version and the course editor. PGA Tour 2K1 has a fully detailed course editor, and you can pretty much make anything you want and share with the community – that’s the community on any console. However, trailers have shown, and retailers also show that the Switch version won’t be getting the course creator. We’ve checked with 2K, and this seems to be an error, and the Switch version will be getting the course creator. There are 15 real-life courses in the game included but potentially hundreds more made by the community. You’ll also be able to make your own golfer, complete with goofy pants and a fat ass. Along with the PGA Tour name comes a tonne of official clothing brands as well, so you’ll be able to deck out your player how you like.

Golf might seem like a game for only certain people, but it’s really not. PGA Tour 2K21 is aiming to make a golf game for everyone, and from what we’ve seen and played of it so far it’s shaping up nicely. Aside from one terrible example, 2K’s support of the Switch has been great with well-crafted ports and sports game that have feature parity, and we hope PGA Tour 2K1 will follow through with that support when it releases in just a couple of weeks.

PGA Tour 2K1 is out on August 21st on the Nintendo Switch eShop and will be available physically on the Switch in September.

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