Payday 2 is as good as dead on Nintendo Switch

PayDay 2 was one of those Switch ports you never expected to see, in our review we said: “while portable Payday sounded amazing, the game’s developers have a murky history with console ports”.

Sadly we were right.

The developers of Payday 2 have announced that the Switch version of the game is ‘unlikely to see further updates’. While the game will receive updates and DLC for other versions, Nintendo fans aren’t so lucky.

In a blog post they’ve said;

“We’re very sad to announce that PAYDAY 2 for Nintendo Switch will be very unlikely to see further updates, despite what our initial ambitions were on the contrary. As per above, we’ve been forced to make many hard decisions along the road, and this is yet another. To put the Switch version separately into context, the transfer of the game over to the Switch-platform was not made in-house and would require significant further investments to happen. We are very aware that this was undesired news, but we’d rather be clear to set the expectations now.”

It looks like the game didn’t sell enough to warrant any future investment. The fact it was one of the most expensive Switch games probably didn’t help.

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  • Silly G
    December 11, 2019 at 12:46 am

    I don’t know why anybody expected any different. Plus, this was a fairly low-key release, and I can’t imagine that it would have sold *too* well on Switch.

    The PC version offers far better value (and free VR) but the Switch version has the unique distinction of being playable on the go.

    The Switch port is great, but the game, by design, is enormously flawed as you cannot save and pick up mid-heist, and heists can potentially take many hours, which has put me off from playing anything but the low-stakes heists, and even they are quite time-consuming.

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