PAX Aus 2017: Nintendo Cosplay Report + Photos

by Theo KyriakidisNovember 1, 2017

PAX Aus turned 5 and I had the pleasure, once again, of being whisked away into a real-life video game world to meet some of the best Nintendo cosplayers of the event! I say some because try as I might, I wasn’t able to attend for the entirety of the three days and I’m sure I missed some absolutely amazing cosplay.

Last year, I wrote in my report that I hoped to run into Joshdachu (Josh) again and make it five in a row… and I’m so very happy that it happened. Here he is rocking his modified Cappy-added Luigi cosplay. Josh, if you’re reading this, your dedication is an inspiration. I hope to see you again next year, my friend.

The quality of some of the Nintendo titles we’ve had the pleasure of receiving this year has been astounding, and you better believe the Nintendo fans were proudly paying tribute to the stars of some of those titles.

Here’s an absolutely mind-blowing Breath of the Wild Link, complete with glowing Guardian Sword! Kudos, my man, you absolutely smashed it and were a pleasure to meet.

Another fan favourite, and the heroine of this year’s brilliant Metroid: Samus Returns, is the one and only Samus Aran, seen here in her popular Zero Suit. Big shout out to this cosplayer, who was ready to go with a whole bunch of awesome poses. Unfortunately, she was unable to roll into a ball (probably needed her Power Suit for that).

The first day of PAX Aus 2017 was also the day Super Mario Odyssey was finally released, so of course there was a big emphasis on Nintendo’s main man… err, woman.

And hovering nearby I found Donkey Kong himself, fresh from a trip to the Tropical Freeze.

I interrupted Link and Skull Kid during a pretty tense moment but they were kind enough to pause and pose for me, before they got back to whatever it was they were doing. Thanks, friends, you both looked great and played your respective parts perfectly!

Link is always a big favourite at PAX, and it puts a smile on my face every time I come across someone cosplaying as him. The attention to detail and intimate differences in each cosplay continues to astound me. Please never stop!

This year, though, I came across a couple of Links I never thought I’d see – HAPPY Links! The smiles on your faces were infectious, thank you for the laughs. You looked awesome! Side note: later I ran into their friends, Green Link and Red Link, but they were running off to fix some cosplay issues and I was unable to photograph them at the time. Hopefully I will catch all of you together next year so we can unite your Four Swords!

I was blown away by this next one – the very first Nintendo-based White Mage cosplay I’ve seen. She’s originally from the Final Fantasy series and appeared in Nintendo’s Mario Hoops 3-on-3 and Mario Sports Mix. Good to see you again, Sir, and well done on your well thought out cosplay!

You know what I never get tired of? A good Luigi pose. This cosplayer made me laugh so much that my camera was shaking while I was taking photos of him, so we had to redo them a couple of times. Much respect, man!

My last photo of the weekend was of these two cool kids, who I had originally met and photographed two years ago, though I didn’t remember at the time. Sorry, friends! I hope you get to see this and I really, really hope you continue to visit PAX to show those Rabbids who’s boss!

In retrospect, that final photo was a fitting end to another beautiful PAX weekend, with Mario and Luigi signing us off with their peace signs.

To every cosplayer at PAX, everyone else in attendance, and anyone reading this – until next year, peace and love!

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