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Alright, so the DSiWare so far isn’t the bastion of originality; this is now the second gamepulled from the Gameboy Advane cartridge of Wario Ware with a slapped on 200 Point price. Paper Plane is simple in it’s execution and design, but it is fun to play. The goal is simple, fly a piece of paper in the shape of a plane down a course towards the bottom of the screen. This is no easy feat as the sharper angle you fall, the faster you go, the tighter you turn, the slower you go.

The space to control the plane is rather small and the plane moves fast even at the slowest speed. The game is scored by a point scale where the further you go, the more points you get. However, on the DSi version of this mini game, there are some new modes added. First up is a Time Trial mode which flies you through some pre-determined courses for which you must complete in the fastest time. These courses not only change the path you must fly but also the thickness of the sections between levels and other fun stuff.

Paper Plane is not just for one person though, as you can play multiplayer on the same unit with one screen per player, and the players using one end of the controls each. This mode, while never ever goingt o replace a full multiplayer mode, is fun and the change of controls brings everyone on a level playing field. Like Pyoro, Paper Plane’s beauty is in it’s simplicity, and it IS simple. But it is the only 200 Point title and unless you have the game already on a WarioWare cartridge (not that you could play it on the DSi) there is no reason to pass up on this Рit’s a great game to whip out when you have a spare five minutes.

Graphics 7.0

Gameplay 9.0

Sound 7.0

Tilt 7.0

Value 8.0

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