Oceanink Squids Presents: Splatoon State of Origin

Hyped up after watching the Splatoon 2 Direct last night? What better way to prepare for the sequel than with one last tournament for the original game! Our ink pals at Oceanink Squids will be running a State of Origin tournament for Splatoon dubbed the “Splat of Origin” on Sunday 16th July at 6pm AEST. Six teams will be competing for the title of best state (or country) in the AUNZ Splatoon community. The teams and team captains are as follows:

Players are eligible to play for either the state that they currently reside in, or a state they have been resident of in the past. Fear not if you are from ACT, NT or TAS as you are effectively a free agent and can nominate for any team! Team captains will have the final say on their team lineup, which is expected to be around 6 players per team. NSW, SA and VIC almost have enough for two teams but NZ, QLD and WA are still looking for players so get Kraken with your applications as captains are required to submit their roster by this Sunday 9th July. The tournament format and team logos will be revealed at a later date.

WA squids are strongly urged to express their interest as we are currently short a few players! We are looking to populate a Discord server with the freshest WA has to offer for this tournament and beyond into Splatoon 2 which releases July 21!

For everything Splatoon, stay tuned to Vooks and Oceanink Squids! You can find Oceanink Squids on Facebook, Twitter and Discord.

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